15 and 21 year old dating

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When I was 15, I dated plenty of older guys (no, I wasn't sexually active). Was about midway on the spectrum. I definitely would not have dated a 15 year old.

Neither has commented on their relationship, which comes several months after director Len Wiseman filed for divorce from Beckinsale after 12 years of marriage. No one else could possibly know if they've had sex. Once again, she was treating me like a child, someone unable to make her own decisions. Please note that some of our forums also serve as mirrors to Usenet newsgroups. Reddit is not the best place to get legal or medical advice.

I think that your son is a special circumstance, while normally, I'd say 21 is too old for a 16 year old, he's not exactly going to school with his age group. I think you are failing to understand that there is a HUGE difference between 16 and 20 (your mother age when she had a relationship with a man much older). I think you should give it a chance and meet her before speaking to your son. I'm 17 and I'm dating a 21 year old. I'm in a committed relationship, not play dating.

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Dropped me off at my house after school. First some background on my family situation. From our point of view it was great - we were all best buddies that saw no age difference!

If it's legal and he is happy why do you need to do anything? If the 21-year old is not a US citizen, an arrest for sex with a minor would result in a serious obstacle to his remaining in the country (after possibly getting out of prison). If you are asking its because you have doubt. If you cant get a girl your own age you have two options: go for a younger girl or forever alone it. In most places that is illegal.

I am going to be fair here, and say, he has done nothing yet, but he has told you he likes you, and has made you want to find out about sexual laws here, so obviously, he has made remarks, that may lead to you two having sex. I came here for RESPECTFUL opinions, and asking how you would take it if it was YOUR daughter, not to be shot down because I love someone older than me. I can only hope this kid can handle college level dating.

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You have nothing substantial to say to me, so you and your child rapist have a good night. You're not in America I'm guessing?

Maybe you're also more mature than the average 23 year old, but as said, in order for him to meet you in the middle, he's probably less mature than an average 34 year old. My best friend was dating her husband at 17, he was 27. My boyfriend is a positive influence on my life, and we are very serious. My relationship with my mum has never recovered from it.

The guys usually just are the bitch and drive the girl around to fast food places at lunch and buy them ciggerettes, alcohol, whatever they want just to get some. The longer you hold it the worse it gets. The only thing wrong is that people elect old losers that never touched a teenage body so they tried to take that away from everyone. The tables are turned, but it's still illegal. The teen years loom ahead and I've experienced too much to rest easily.

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The younger you are the more changes you go through from year to year is what I was saying. There are household rules for a reason, and mostly it is so that the household runs smoothly and respectfully. They're underdeveloped and immature. To me any female below 24 is a girl, between 24 and 30 is a grey zone, and 30+ is a woman. Tomorrow is Monday, so you can go back to your real life then. We also have a weekly Ask Parents Anything thread for your convenience.

Haha it's not uncommon to see it in my school however. Have you actually met this boyfriend? He really liked her but was all set to end it, but his friend's girlfriend talked him out of it, because, he told me, that was their only problem.

I'm not going to lie either, he is big on ego. I'm not saying they will get married but I think it's important to support him. I've known a few couples with this age gap, it can be sinister but more often than not it's fine. I've never actually heard of anyone getting in trouble for it.

Yea ok i am new can someone tell me how to start these Quotes lol coz i need help wiv me an my g/fClick onto the family law sub forum of the family law section, and in the upper left corner click on "new thread" to start your own thread. Yeah, and by 40 he'd be dead of typhoid. Yes ago he probably would have been getting married in a few years, have a full responsibility if running dad's farm, building homes etc.

But I treat woman with respect and am always nice to them. But it's painfully obvious that you won't. But the problem with that is if/when you break her daughters heart or wrong her, mama isn't going to be all keen on you anymore.

What can I do to prevent this in the future? What if it does go well but she plays head games or doesn't talk to him for a couple of days? What's wrong with waiting until they're out of high school? With him being mature I bet they have more in common than you will realise! Would you be asking the same question if you were both 5 years older? Would you like to switch to our Latino edition?

Because when I talk to people on here or on IRC, I automatically assume we're all good natured and good spirited and well intentioned, we all understand this is the internet and things can easily be taken out of context and get out of hand, I try not to judge, and I try to be as pleasant and as helpful as possible. Being an adult and being mature would be what we're trying to show you. But I treat woman with respect and am always nice to them.

Register to join the discussion, get discounts and more. Save yourself the heartache. She likes you, you like her - go on - give it a go! She was the one who things happened to, the starting point of every story. Since he has primed his victim, that is where the problem lies.

He will leave you heartbroken because, he is going to see women his own age that can go the things he wants to do. He will show, tell, or convince you of anything. He's 21, he might meet another girl who is his age and he may move on.

All you are doing is making excuses and arguing and not really listening to the advice from parents who have been in your situation.And just because I can't drink doesn't mean he can't.And you can't choose who you will fall in love with, you can't build the perfect person from scratch, or know who you will spend the rest of your life with.
  1. A 21 yr old who is a good guy does not date 15 yr old children.
  2. A person is considered an adult at the age of 18.
  3. Absolutely no bullying or personal attacks including going through someone’s post history to find past comments to use against them.
    1. " The parents can also be charged for letting it happen.
    2. "She's a 21-year old girl" shouldn't be a comfortable statement or understanding of her age or maturity.
    3. Are they DATING or going on A DATE?As for when you are over 16, you probably should talk to your parents.As it is, we've now been together for seven years, went to uni together, had a baby, moved in together, got married last year and we're now TTC #2.

      Let me ask you one question, has he offered to let you meet his family, right now, not later? Looking at it from a mom's point of view is a whole different story! Maybe that's judgmental, but she should be focusing on dicking around and getting her degree and living life and having first time experiences. Maybe you get the response from adults that you get because your behavior is so immature.

      • I had just turned 17 when we got together (after me doing all the flirting if I'm honest).
      • You can look for those qualities in a boy that is suitable for you.
      • But as a "big brotherly" type.

      As long as this all started after she turned 16, I don't see an issue.

      You are both going to be going through difference stages/phases of your life at different times and they will turn you into different people, with different goals than you have now. You are probably the same age mentally, it's pretty common for girls around that age to go for someone 4/5/6 years older as we all know boys mature later than girls. You are still a minor at 16. You have just shown you aren't as mature as you think you are.

      Honey, where did you meet this gentleman? How much longer till she's 16? I AM telling you that you are at a point in your life where the only constant is change. I agree it's pathetic of him and all.

      We ended up getting married and while my wife can understand where they were coming from it definitely damaged their relationship. Well i was 19 when i dated my husband and he was 36 at that time. What I do remember is sitting on a couch with T. What are you talking about?

      Any way you try to spin or justify it, it is still A.

      Suddenly, I wasn't that scared, invisible girl anymore, watching from the sidelines. That I didn't get distracted by your straw men arguments? That changes it from a charge of statutory rape to a misdemeanor sexual misconduct with a minor. Thd important thing is she knows what a good relationship should be like and that she deserves to be treated with love and respect. The fact is, statistically, your relationship with this man is unlikely to last. The girl is a math major.

      I know what I am looking for in a guy, and he has everything that I want. I loved older guys when I was a teenager, and I was just as horny as they were. I met my wife when I was a few days over 21 and she was 24. I really don't have to listen to strangers that don't know my life, have never had a intellectual conversation with me, or know where my mental state is. I think people saw it a taboo is because it reminds them of CP/Pedobear (usually what comes out of the minds of other).

      I don't see how we don't have anything in common at all. I don't want to go through 10+ relationships and a million heartbreaks before I find the right one. I felt awkward about it when she first told me her age but i think its not too big a gap. I identified as the class I was in, I was as mature and adult as the grade I was in, and if I didn't tell people, literally nobody knew.

      Dating isn't all it's cracked up to be until you've known the world much better, like 30 years or more better. Do I believe all 16 year olds are mature enough to make decisions like this, absolutely not, especially not this newer generation. Do you want to go to the German edition? Dove, I am a very responsible girl and I don't feel that our age difference is too much.

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      In some cultures, that change is when puberty hits, or they hit the age of consent, what have you. It keeps disappearing but comes back with the force of zeus. It's just that situations like that are not very common. It's just that when you care about someone, you want to be with them every chance that you get. Let me ask you one question, has he offered to let you meet his family, right now, not later?

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