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Tom Ford's A Single Man begins with urgent Hitchcockian strings and an underwater dream sequence showing a naked, toned body drifting. "A Single Man" is told from the point of view of its hero, George (Colin Firth), the single man. He is single because he's unmarried and single because he's homosexual; the phrase was used at one time with a lifted eyebrow.

This is a good film – and Colin Firth’s acting warrants his Oscar nomination. This is a poetic perspective on the crucial issue of bereavement and i felt really involved without being aware it was a homosexual love theme,which is a triump for the maker as he realses his aim to show human isolation and loss of love in a harmony where visual style and philosophical dialogues enchant the senses and cerebrum. This item ships to Netherlands. This page was last edited on 20 July 2017, at 14:06.

I have to pay him 20 bucks, and I had to go back and make it five because we're in 1962. I have to say that we live in a society that's pretty weird. I have wanted to see A Singleman since hearing of it I am a big fan of Colin Firth's film, so wouldn't you believe it, my two Local cinema's have decided not to show it, I live in Dundee and I am very disapointed. I saw this film on a recent visit to the US and I can't wait to see it again when it opens in the UK.

Ford, Chris Weitz, Andrew Miano and Robert Salerno; released by the Weinstein Company. Ford, who has heretofore been celebrated chiefly as a designer of clothes — the man who revived the Gucci fashion house, then went on to start one of his own — makes, as you might expect, a stylish filmmaking debut with A Single Man. Ford’s single man might be less common than Isherwood’s, a bit too exquisitely dressed.

I saw this film on a recent visit to the US and I can't wait to see it again when it opens in the UK. I think that anybody who is critical of this film and it's director is either jealous of multitalented creatives or ignorant as to what makes for cinematic perfection. I think that speaks for itself. I thought the entire piece was spotless. If you're a seller, Fulfillment by Amazon can help you increase your sales.

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It's a magnificent scene, a superbly-modulated duet that's by turns exuberant, sorrowful, tender and finally tinged with bleakness. It's a splendid piece, Firth's intense but constrained performance mirrors his starchy British roots, and he looks phenomenal but tortured. It’s rare you get applause at the end of a film, but that’s what happened at the performance of “A Single Man� I attended.

So many of his roles have had him gamely playing along as an object of desire or amusement – which may involve him singing or wearing an unflattering jumper – or looking on with terse compassion at someone else's drama. Taken immediately by the "preciousness" of the image. Terrific, Hoult doesn't disappoint. That's just a self-consciously clever bit of naff arch-bitchiness.

Julianne moore is enchanting as the frustrated temptress and that quote about what is a substitute for real love just about clinches the whole issue of bisexuality in a nutshell. Kenny's rosebud lips turn even rosier, and when George meets a Spanish hunk, the whole sky turns an intense pink – as though Russia had just fired the rockets that everyone (except George) is worrying about. Leave the cinema in a contemplative frame of mind. Less Single, More Serious please.

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Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a service we offer sellers that lets them store their products in Amazon's fulfillment centers, and we directly pack, ship, and provide customer service for these products. Gay love wasn't taken seriously back then. George Falconer, played by Firth, is an ­expatriate ­Englishman in Los Angeles, a ­bespectacled college professor teaching English literature.

George has a lot of issues, but his sexual identity is not one of them (though it may well be a marketing issue for the Weinstein Company, which de-gayed the movie and). George learns early on in the movie that his partner of 16 years, Jim (Matthew Goode) has died in a car accident.

The film has received an overall positive reception from critics, with most reviews singling out Colin Firth's performance. The film is ultimately stilted and dry,but not without having it's moments. The film was nominated for the at the and won the festival's third annual. The film's original trailer placed more emphasis on the relationship between George and Jim but a re-cut trailer omitted a shot of George and Jim kissing while retaining a kiss between George and Charley.

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A slimmed down Firth plays British college professor George Falconer who spends a day in 1962 Los Angeles figuring out if and why life is worth living. Abel Korzeniowski's score is haunting and moving. Able to keep his emotions in check despite years of practice of self-restraint.

Along the way, he passes in and out of the Los Angeles area college where he teaches Huxley to bored students who stare at him with curiosity when the subject turns to invisible minorities and fear. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. And all the actors are beautiful, in the true sense.

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"To this day, occasionally I'll have a friend who will say something about my 'lifestyle,'" he said.

Time Out is a registered trademark of Time Out Digital Limited. Tom Ford simply takes the audience into another world by using stunningly beautiful imagery to create Georges world and convey his loneliness and detachment. Tom Ford's begins with urgent Hitchcockian strings and an underwater dream sequence showing a naked, toned body drifting and floating – appropriate for a movie about love and loss which all but drowns in its own gorgeousness.

Yet there are flashes of hope and feeling: one brief scene--showing George's seeing a dog similar to one the couple had owned, and drawing his face close to the dog's for a familiar and comforting scent--lasts but a moment yet resonates that grief and loss are felt the same by everyone, no matter what they have lost. Yet there is one person who notices that something is amiss with George. You knew you were in for a cinematic treat. You will see the message "Site is whitelisted".

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  • " But it's Firth who triumphs in the film, and who drives the complex emotions--all true, all rewarding--that hold A Single Man aloft and give it its impact.
  • " would only say, when asked about marketing a gay romance, " Brokeback Mountain did pretty well.
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But that black-and-white flashback showing George and Jim sunbathing nude on some rugged and frankly uncomfy-looking rocks – that is just outrageously ad-like. But the beige-on-gray visuals glow with warmer colors when emotions flare, and you realize that this first-time director has decided to make style strategic. Camera angles, and a classy score by Polish composer Abel Korzeniowski.

The audience I saw A Single Man with at the Chelsea Cinema were almost unanimous in their belief that this was a seminal work for Colin Firth and a masterpiece for Tom Ford. The beauty of the young male actors and their eagerness to throw themselves at the middle-aged leading man, too, smacks a little too much of gay sexual fantasy. The chill surrounding George's bleak existence. The composer Shigeru Umebayashi has written music for several of Mr.

Best film I've seen in at least a year - I had a smile of wonderment on my face throughout - it was beautiful and heartfelt and really touched me. But George is too devastated to be interested in either sex and even rebuffs the approach of a hot young hustler (Jon Kortajarena, a true James Dean look-alike). But he appears to have made a decision – that his loneliness is too much to bear. But it makes for a morbid, almost suffocating experience in a cinema.

I can now fully appreciate why Colin Firth is being seen as an Oscar nominee. I could handle more perfection. I cried at the beginning, I cried in the middle, I cried at the end; I felt such a wuss but the emotional angst got to me.

And it's this day we see in this admirable film. And while “A Single Man” has its flaws, many of these fade in view of the performance and the power of Isherwood’s story. Art direction and fashion could overwhelm the piece (Ford is a fashion designer), but strong performances triumph. As TO’s Dave Calhoun says, this is the story of a man, whose long-term partner tragically dies alone after an accident.

Jim, the axis of George’s life, is portrayed as nothing more than a cute-smiled, good-in-swimming-trunks pretty boy: he has no depth or dimensions; he becomes a mere occasion for Firth to practise – albeit to a very refined and at times moving level – his habitual persona as a repressed Englishman on the brink of emoting. Julianne Moore, too, gives a marvellously-subtle, detailed study of his best friend, an emotionally scarred woman sliding into defiant alcoholism.

Firth's acting range is too narrow for such a complex part. For all of Ford's carnally provocative fashion campaigns (he that showcased his fragrance in between the shiny legs of naked women), A Single Man is decidedly chaste, which may make it more inclusive. For example, you can have full-frontal male nudity on HBO, yet in cinema, you can't have naked male buttocks. Ford dresses Kenny in a white mohair jumper that's like a woven cloud of fluffy soft-focus.

None of this means much to Falconer, a discreet gay man whose partner, Jim, has just died in a car accident. On November 30, 1962, a month after the, George Falconer is a middle-aged English college professor living in Los Angeles. Praise must go to Ford, who shows that he is not only an important force in fashion, but also has the potential to be a game-changer in film as well. Professor George (Colin Firth).

Ford has placed so much weight on Mr. Ford is committed to getting inside his hero's perceptions, as George's grief and isolation paint conformist America in dull beige and brown. Ford turns the book on its head so that we know both these things from the start.

  • Christopher Isherwood’s short 1964 novel ‘A Single Man’ is a superb choice for a concise, intimate film.
  • The film flashes back to scenes of George and Jim and their dogs, scenes awash in warm tones, and then forward to the present, shot in subtle sepia tones that show joy has disappeared from George's life.
  • The overwhelming grief of losing your lover, your life, everything you'd built up over years of togetherness and not being able to open up and be yourself in your pain, to have your whole life taken and not be able to say why or how it tears you apart.
  • I think that speaks for itself.

Addto that the great musical score and the quaint but ingenious closeups with clipped editing and you have an insightful study into human behaviour which is haunting in it's harmonious study of sexuality in contemporary era. All too often scriptwriters and directors assume that the audience won’t be astute enough to spot holes in the story being told.

  1. "I read every screenplay in town and because I'm a fashion designer, people sent me very superficial, slick, beautiful but not a lot of substance things and nothing was speaking to me," he said.
  2. "I was sitting next to this person at a dinner party," Ford said.
  3. Designer Tom Ford makes a surprisingly successful leap from the fashion industry to the big screen with "A Single Man," a standout directing debut about a gay college professor who loses his longtime partner. Especially a movie that stands or falls by its ability not only to make you care about its main character, but to cry your eyes out at his desperate situation.

    Fashion designer and former Gucci executive Tom Ford makes a stylish debut with this mood piece about a gay English expatriate (Firth) broken-hearted after the death of his partner of 16 years (Matthew Goode) in a road accident. First film and he does an amazingly good job. Firth has never been better. Firth rarely gets the opportunity to give his all, but the balance is redressed in A Single Man, which has bagged him a deserved Oscar nomination for Best Actor.

    The most touching scene comes towards the beginning, when Firth hears about his lover's death but is informed that he will not be welcome at the funeral, which is for family only. The scene was shot at a somewhat unseemly time: the same day Proposition 8 passed in California, nearly half a century after the cinematic injustice. The scene where he gets the phone call of Jim's death is absolutely riveting.

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    His lover's family obviously did not recognize or validate their partnership, as he was told that the funeral services are for "family only". His performance is just one of the many impressive aspects of the film, which marks the feature directorial debut of Ford. Hoult bring a gentleness and innocence to Kenny, a part that contrasts nicely with Firth's introverted and private George. I can now fully appreciate why Colin Firth is being seen as an Oscar nominee.

    A Single Man can hold its own against Brokeback Mountain as a story of love and loss that transcends any single genre.A Single Man is a 2009 American based on the by.

    Unable to cope with the despair of his solitude, Falconer plans to end his life. WITH: (George), (Charley), Matthew Goode (Jim), Nicholas Hoult (Kenny) and Jon Kortajarena (Carlos). Way Ford shot him made people gasp. We've noticed that you are using an ad blocker.

    He also borrowed from his own life for a youthful anecdote George shares with a student--shaving off an eyebrow during a mescaline trip--and the suicide George plans comes from Ford's family, not the book. He betrays very little emotion, and certainly his thoughts cannot be read in his eyes. He is a cousin of Jim who phones George to inform him of his partner's death.

    Like TO, I rate this movie very highly. Lovelorn and frankly lumpen Englishmen he often plays. Magnet pulling him forward to a place even he doesn't understand. Material and he launders them himself. Matthew Goode plays Jim, his partner, seen in flashback sequences. Maybe the film is too pristine.

    In what is his last day on Earth, George spends it tying up loose ends without letting anyone know his real plan. Is at the center of everything and puts that thought into practice. It goes right over their heads, for the most part, though one of George's quicker pupils (Nicholas Hoult, grown lanky and coltish since About A Boy) recognizes what he thinks is a familiar sort of sadness in his professor's eyes and peppers him with questions after class.

    The scene with the Spanish hooker at sunset was a monument to kitsch. The sexual preferences of the characters in A Single Man are not exotic or problematic or even constant. There is little movement in the face initially: it’s a beautiful and gently furrowed mask, not yet old, despite the small brushstrokes of white at the temples. There is no purpose and no value to anything any more.

    Read our and Policies to find out more. Red carpet with Matthew Goode, Tom Ford, Julianne Moore, Colin Firth, Nicholas Hoult and Jon Kortajarena at 66th Venice Film Festival. Shock and grief have accentuated George's repressed English mannerisms. Sitting fairly far back, I was aware no one fidgeted.

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    Meditation on love and loss. Midnight Cowboy did pretty well. My fave gay themed film. Never was a screen lush so luscious, with her petulant purr and shouty expelled-from-Roedean accent: "I'll have a gin and tonic please, and watch out baby! Nicholas Hoult plays Kenny, a student dangerously fascinated by his charismatic lecturer. Nicholas Hoult plays a student who reaches out to George, saying, "I guess I just thought you looked like you could use a friend.

    As a piece it was a beautifully crafted film, my only negative was in the last 5 minutes where it drifted into standard symbolism but was redeemed at the last by the mirroring of the opening sequence (which set me off crying again) Not a perfect film but wonderful and painful to watch, a visual torchsong which I would most certainly go see again. At least it has a happy ending.

    What on earth do you make of 'Mad Men', which must be a Niagara of salivary saturation by your standards? Where he showed a new face in riveting tragicomic strokes. Yes it was all too perfect and clean to be real - but why do people criticise it here but accept a complete departure from reality in crap films like avatar?

    Colin Firth plays a Gay college professor who has lost his partner very tragically after a strong and beautiful 16 year relationship. Colin Firth was awarded the for Best Actor at the film festival for his performance in the film. Dan Bishop's stylish production design and Eduard Grau's cinematography set the film in a romantically idealized '60s world. Delicately, and rather brilliantly, Firth suggests how his quiet heroism is ­mingled with notes of irony and self-deprecation.

    He tries to avoid getting involved with his student Kenny (Nicholas Hoult), who is just discovering his sexual preferences and aggressively courting the older man. His film always looks swooningly lovely: especially the scene in which George shares a cigarette with a beautiful Spanish boy, swathed in the smoggy redness of an LA dusk. His insurmountable grief is captured in the intermittent flashbacks chronicling his relationship.

    A Single Man is based on a novel by Christopher Isherwood, and Ford's--and Firth's--gift is bringing the inner-turmoil world of the novel to believable, and devastating, life on the screen.A flamboyantly louche Englishwoman who plays Serge Gainsbourg records and swans around at home in evening gowns and stacked birds'-nest coiffure, Moore's Charley is up for a lark, desolately so.A major theme of this film.

    Golden Globe nominations include Colin Firth (Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama), Julianne Moore (Best Performance by an Actress In A Supporting Role in a Motion Picture) and Best Original Score - Motion Picture. Had won the Copa Volpi at the 2009 Venice Film Fest for this role. Having watched "An Education" the night before, which was absolute tripe, it's nice to know there is still some well made films out there.

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    It is as if all aging and single adult mourning the loss of their partner have one way out with no hope for a future. It is very rare that I get out of bed the next morning to have a movie still fully alive in my head and continuing to review the plot and characters in such detail. It opens with a fatal car crash in 1962, in which Jim (Matthew Goode) is killed. It's a good original story, excellent Oscar nomination level acting, and is superbly photographed and directed.

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