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Find Dell Support channels like email, chat, and telephone numbers for your Dell computer. Tech Support Troubleshoot and fix hardware. Check on the status or view the history of your Dell Product Support Requests or Technician or Part being sent to your home or office. I need to speak with technical support regarding my current Dell system. Dell offers technical support via phone.

This is what your company has come to? To I spent $2000 on a laptop but couldn't be bothered protecting my investment my upgrading to a decent warranty and complain when you receive the "YGWYPF" service. Took over one hour to be told didn't have warranty coverage - upon further investigation they concurred I did - will correct in system - sent me to in house warranty - put on hold - all lines busy disconnect.

I have been doing Computer Support for 25 years, this is the worst I have seen from Dell and have worked with them for years. I have been getting my Dell laptop, which I love, a block telling me to call 866-851-7280 or go to support. I read all these negative comments with great amusement, I broke my laptop screen, and expect Dell to repair it for free. I spoke to Jen, and asked if there was any way to customize the music equalizer, as I preferred a bit more bass than the standard sound.

I am extremely dissatisfied with Dell, specifically their customer support, and doubt I will be buying from them again. I asked if there were any bass-specific features, and he suggested third-party software, though there is a bass dial in the MaxxAudio software. I can't boot and my wireless card is broken. I do not know how much clearer I can be.

Site Not Configured 404 Not Found 404 The site you were looking for couldn't be found. Sonny put me on hold for 2 and a half minutes to check my service-tag information a second time, when he came back with questions about my warranty status. Suffice to say I will be doing a lot of reconsidering before I purchase my next computer from them. Tech because you have no number to reach anyone you are transferd to inda if you try to call anyone. That didn't fix the problem.

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I've been buying from Dell for nearly a decade now. I've had the service for two years, and have never had even one bad consultation. If you get one that actually works, it was an accident. If you just signed up, we're still likely creating your account. If you just signed up, we're still likely creating your account. If you just signed up, we're still likely creating your account.

  1. A refund is where you give me the money I paid for a thing back to me because it does not work and it is under warranty.
  2. A replacement computer was authorized.
  3. About 6 months later the Enter key on one of the keyboards popped off.
  4. Purchasing my first laptop from them in 2005. Site Not Configured 404 Not Found 404 The site you were looking for couldn't be found. Site Not Configured 404 Not Found 404 The site you were looking for couldn't be found.

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    • " To date, 4 months since, I still haven't received a call.
    • A few days later it couldn't come out from hibernation and has start up problem.
    • A lover of all things gaming and tech, his previous work has shown up in Kotaku, PCMag and Complex, among others.
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    Try you cannot even contact Dell International only if you are a US citizen and you are located there too. We've been playing this dance with them for 9 months! Went on trip and saw emails saying it was being shipped. When you crack your windshield do you expect Caddilac to fix it? With the most recent model I bought in May 2013. Worst customer experience I ever had in my whole life!

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    The rep gave me some kind of special discount on a similar computer that was still 75 dollars more than prev purchase, but also better than other deals anywhere I searched. The software that makes my computer connect to the internet does not work. The tech helper was not only difficult to understand, but when I asked him to repeat himself, he sounded overly patronizing as to how he will correct the problem.

    • That said let me recap for you.
    • Chat with Justine, who told me she was located in the Philippines.
    • I would be really curious to see how your experience changes when reaching out to Dell's premium support department (ProSupport).

    Its under warranty and they can't fix it. June 7, Dell Advanced Resolution Group member emailed this to me; "please do explain the exact issue with the computer so that we can offer a fix to ensure you have a working computer. Meantime I travelled to Belgium, England and South Africa too, but I have to deal with the slightly retarded Israeli tech-support and they have an issue understanding why I won't accept half the resolution, RAM and warranty compared to the one I paid for.

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    Additionally, I attempted to simply return the product, and although I filed for a return nearly 2 weeks ago, it says the return is still processing.All of his suggestions were for obvious fixes that can be found online.And I am not spending another 2 hours on the phone to be passed from person to person again he should send a message to whoever is at the other end of the number and tell them to refund me.

    I took to Twitter to ask the support account about how to prioritize which apps get the most of my bandwidth on the latest XPS 13. I was second in the queue, and when it was my turn, I asked my support representative, Carlos, how to stop my laptop from going to sleep and asking me for a password everytime I walk away for a few minutes. I was told a replacement was possible send me one so I can sell it and get my money out of it.

    They insisted I wipe off the feed tray of my printer with a damp cloth for a wifi connectivity problem. They sad I should reinstall Ubuntu, they tried to "help" me on the phone. They were supposed to transfer my warranty to this computer and every time I call I get the same excuse, "sorry the dept that takes care of the warranty has left for the day. This definitely is not the kind of experience i would've paid for.

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    Bad Battery, under warranty.Best tech decision I've ever made.Dell computer suck and so does their service.
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    Instead, the Dell rep offered to transfer me to its software department for a recommendation, but after a bit of time on hold, the phone rang and I got disconnected. It is a simple question is this your department or not, was I sent to the right person yes or no? It is like Ponzi scheme - they sell stuff and fight with you when it does not work and pay employees to put good ratings on the internet.

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    That said; take one of the two options given to you, refund or replace it. The bulk of the call was actually spent getting an automated phone tree to work and giving all of my data, like the laptop’s service tag number, to Justine so she would start providing instructions. The ease of custom putting together a computer, ordering it, and getting service for it. The option to speak with an English speaking rep is non-existent.

    During a 13-minute chat, he guided me through Windows 10’s settings to the right spot to make the changes. Especially since overall I think the products they are creating now are inferior in their design compared to past models. Every case you gave them was a relatively simple task for anyone who has basic computer skills. Found it had been cancelled by 10am.

    Have been on the phone with Dell premium support for 40 minutes now. He put me on hold again, this time for 40 seconds, when he came back to request my name and when the computer was purchased, but still had warranty questions. He said yes and the next voice I heard said 'how can I help you? I am a business owner and had my IT department attempt to work out these issues but were unable to do so.

    I do not want to return it I want a refund. I had ordered Alienware Steam Machine online with the free upgrade to an I5 processor for my son on Dec 15, 2015 as a Christmas present. I had problems of flickering screen and my screen keeps going blank intermittently (along with a loud continual sound as if the fan had jammed) and I had to force shutdown. I have a premium servce contract, next day visit, as an institutional user.

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    This domain is successfully pointed at WP Engine, but is not configured for an account on our platform. This domain is successfully pointed at WP Engine, but is not configured for an account on our platform. This domain is successfully pointed at WP Engine, but is not configured for an account on our platform. This guy spends the next week telling me he can do this and issue me a replacement in his department but to inquire about a refund I need to call this number.

    If you've completed the steps above, or need more help, please and we can help get your site up and running in no time. If you've completed the steps above, or need more help, please and we can help get your site up and running in no time. If you've completed the steps above, or need more help, please and we can help get your site up and running in no time.

    My laptop literally came apart in two pieces it's supposed to be a computer folding into a tablet. NEED HELP, PLEASE, sERVER PROCESS CANNOT START CONFIGURED IS INCORRECT. NEVER buying from them again, and will never buy new computers at any retailer. Not to mention that many barely understand your issue, and anything more complicated then "how to set up the basics takes a lot longer then a half hour".

    Then I told him why I was calling and asked if he could help me with it; because at this point I want a refund. Therefore, I am left to assume my device is incompatible, as I have been unable to receive help from Dell that would tell me otherwise. They do not honor product warranty. They expect you to pay, pay, pay for warranties, etc. They have 1,400 of my dollars and I have equipment that is worthless because even the Ethernet will not work for internet connection.

    It is time US Citizens stood up for themselves and use their hard earned money to buy well made computers that actually last for years. It stops me from what I am doing How do I stop this thing? It was their top line XPS laptop, costing me nearly $2000.

    Dell offers technical support online via its own website, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

    On top of that compared to the past where I could get a technician to help me with those small things (like finding certain applications or components to re-install drivers) for free, I learned the harsh way that anything outside of basic troubleshoot problems is now a $30 charge. Please don't buy Dell everr. Poor customer service, long wait times and reps blaming customers for substandard dell product problems.

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    I was told twice it will be sent to a higher authority, and twice it will be sent on with the highest priority; and once that it has been handled without any sort of resolution or information forth coming to me that is. I will not take a deal that basically screws the customer and allows Dell to “bait and switch” their offers. I'm just looking for a part. I'm researching an article for Laptop Magazine. I'm sorry but your review doesn't address more important customer service issues.

    And that has been forwarded to the escalations team, yet again.As mentioned previously I am a business owner and need a computer to operate.At this point I believe purchasing another computer from a company other then Dell is my best option.

    Worst customer support experience I have ever received. You have two options. You might think that i might just be the unlucky one, but think about it, if you ever encounter problems with your com, would you want to go through the same lengthy process?

    Dell’s laptops come with a standard one-year warranty, which includes return shipping. Despite its wealth of information, I didn’t always get correct information from Dell. Did Dell pay you? Did you point DNS to the correct or? Did you point DNS to the correct or? Do not buy Dell if you travel abroad. Downloaded 3 more times, each time all got the same error.

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