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Free chat rooms for teenagers aged 13 to 19. Video and audio enabled teen chat rooms. I've only been coming to Teen Chat for the last year, and I've already made some of the best friends I'll ever have. The chat rooms are awesome! Free teen chat rooms for everyone.

  1. BORING APP Here are no genuine persons to chat with and its all ROBOTIC chat rooms.
  2. Banned for no reason what so ever.
  3. Basically, teenspot > everything else.
  4. To me if i was developer, id make face recognition, meaning as you make your profile take a front pic and side pic of your head right then and there, no pics from gallery as an option. U meet unknown people who talk sexual things. Up until now, chat rooms have been targeting mostly teenagers and young adults. Use these tips and ask for help when in doubt to maximize your online security while in a chat room.

    Can u read, it says teen, means teenagers not 35 year olds stalking 13-19 year old girls, second, this is the only good app for 14 year olds, I am 14 and i met my girlfriend on this app, we started talking and then eventually we met up for a date, now she is my neighbor! Chat is the perfect for place for chatting after school, on a break from studying or just life. Chat, send messages, pictures, videos, animated gifs (pictures) and winks.

    It also helped me escape the real world, so I got addicted to this. It also helped me escape the real world, so I got addicted to this. It is easy and simple to use our chat room services and website. It's free, cool, and VERY addictive! Its a good app i guess. Just be yourself, and you'll be feeling popular online in no time.

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    You yave to rate five stars and download so many apps and you're fo4ced to sign in with facebook pretty much.

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    You can talk about whatever is on your mind, or join the group converation. You will be banned if you do so. You will be banned if you do. You will not post obscene or vulgar messages in text or on webcam (including nudity).

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    Please select another of our chat rooms from the below drop down menu if you do not like this one. Please take the time now to review them, if you have not done so. Plus the apple crashes whenever I use it. Remember, please follow the rules.

    Download Teen Chat Room, and you can start chatting within seconds. Eh Every guy that's ever messaged me has wanted sexual things. Everything was working fine, until I started seeing snow, I can't type in thus app, but I can in gum drop and they can't see a word I type. First of all I went into a chat and got nothing but abuse off 14 year olds for no reason atall!

    Such variety, such irregular, funny, and satisfyingly epic conversations always transpiring! Suitable for the entire family, so to speak! TOO MANY FAKES DON'T do it! Teen Chat Room fosters a healthy and considerate environment. Teen Chat has language filters, and spam filters enabled. Teen Chat is so much fun and addictive. Teen chat has been going strong for years, and I don't think that there will ever be a chat room site, quite like this one.

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    Rubbish This app seriously has the cheek to ask you to rate 5 stars. Simply enter a nickname in the box below and click the button to join. So stupid I got ban for saying kik me for child, I was messing aroung with people and I guess people thought something else I'm only 15 what the hell would rate it 5 if you ban people for the stupidest reasons. So you're ready to have some fun and free chat. Someones profile pic was of their dick.

    There are some important online chat rules you must agree to first before proceeding. There is simply no guarantee of privacy on the Internet, and you never know when even a private correspondence can turn sour. There was too many old guys! There was too many old guys! There's not even a way to contest it, and once you're banned you can never make another account successfully.

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    Teen chat room entry, teens simply enter our chat rooms and select a webcam of a teenager to chat privately or in a group. Teen chat rooms are a fun way for boys and girls in their teenage years to meet online and have great fun. The Latino Room Is One Of The Tightest On This Site.

    Just installed an app so I can get a profile picture on, I don't know if it's just me or others as well. Just tried it Well im sure it is not easy to make this so just keep up the work and wish for a better chat in the future. Keep up the good work. Kind of boring really and a little buggy. Lol, ok I hear a lot of people say "it's too sexual my virgin eyes are burning" No it's not, it is like every other chat room on planet earth if it's going sexual you have 3 options 1.

    Pervs are banned fromthe community and people chat. Please be patient until chat loads for first time. Please check out our. Please do not forget that you have agreed to all the rules found on the main page prior to joining our chatrooms. Please reload or press CTRL+F5 key to reload & empty cache. Please report anything you feel concerned about to us. Please respect other users at all times.

    • Although a great concept and executed fairly well there is very much room for improvement.
    • Although we do staff moderators in this chat room, they cannot be on every minute of the day.
    • Always Keep Safety in Mind!
    • And get the upgrade features for free.
    • And the best part is everything is free!

    I even put my name which was my name; Ismenie and thats never taken i even put in random letters and it still doesn't let me. I haven't been on this site for very long but i think it is very cool as you meet new people and u get to chat to random people from all around the world. I like to hang out in the emo room. I love the feel of it all y'know? I love these chat rooms. I love this game Its literally the best Sim game I've ever played. I thought this app was called TEEN Chat!

    Chatting with teens online can make older people feel young as well. Clean webcam use is permitted. Com, and are in no way affiliated with any other site or company. Connect to one of our free chat rooms. Contact thousands of singles right now completely free with our random text chat with random people online!

    Be sure you are not blocking this website in your security settings.Brill however It is a brilliant app.

    This has been a great way to meet new people and learn new things, everyone critisizes you based on looks and how you act/talk. This is the BEST chat site EVER its a freaking awesome way to meet coo! This is your one-stop destination for the free chat rooms and message forums! This means only 8 percent of teenagers are able to resist going online every day.

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    But after being ban i am totally frustrated.

    We fix this problem by integrating chat rooms for persons of all ages into one convenient location. We know a picture is worth of 1000 words, Feel free to express your emotions and feelings with other users. We will cooperate with ALL law enforcement agencies in the investigation of users over the age of 19 in contact with minors and/or suspected of a crime. Welcome to our free teen chat rooms, the largest on the web.

    Creepers I guess that with every app creepy people come along but this is way too sexual. Creepers I guess that with every app creepy people come along but this is way too sexual. Didn't even want to give this 1 star! Do not flood or disrupt the chat users in any way. Do not upload adult or offensive content.

    You can chat on mobile smoothly. You can control your privacy level within the app. You can meet guys, meet girls and best of all, you get to start a random chat with anyone you want. You can share your thoughts to our other chatters in our chat room.

    These absolutely free teen chat rooms can keep you busy for hours. These chat rooms are fantastic! They can help shyer teens learn to feel comfortable chatting with the opposite sex. They restrict they chatting words, and topics and more. Theyre are 40 year old guys messaging 13 year olds. This app is damn cool but bugss This app is so weird. This app makes it easy to start chatting with people, and find fun new friends.

    • A variety of chat rooms to choose from below.
    • A very important kids safety warning: Don't give out your personal information to anyone for any reason - ever!
    • All I did was spell a word by texting one letter.
    • All my friends are on there and I miss them, username was MeliXD101, it's a really good app, so I rate it 5 stars.
    • All our rooms are organized and well designed for our chatters.

    Met a lot of great friends and now they're gone. Never say, do, or post anything online chat site that you wouldn't want the whole world, including your parents, to see. No way to contest such, aggravating to say the least. Nor did I do anything to deserve. Not everyone is always who they seem. Once you make friends, you can socialize offline by sending them messages for free using our offline message feature.

    I could rate 0 stars if I could because they aren't even worthy of even 1. I dont have the knowledge to do so myself but ot would be a good feature to ensure the users are of app age "teen". I doubt that someone else has picked the exact same letters in the exact same order as me.

    Hey, I love these chat rooms! However, i would actually give this app a 3 stars. I came looking for a suitable chat room for TEENS but this has 30 year olds, and people, who have no backround checks done.

    1. And too many people are faking their age.
    2. Any violators will be permanently banned.
    3. Attention Parents and Guardians: If you have not trained your children to be vigilant about the dangers of the Internet, you need to start now.
    4. What would I do without teen chat in those times of boredom? Without telling any the reason. Yeah, this chat is kick ass, great place to hang out and chat about the metal scene, good to check out other metal bands that other people listen to.

      This room is highly moderated and inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. This site is a very good site, good to meet new friends and other's Most of the people on this site are very welcoming and have a good sense of humour! This version requires Flash software to run properly. Though, was a bit confusing to figure out the ins and outs.

      Our chat moderators and admins are well aware of all situations and problems, they are professionals and can handle all chat issues. Our teen chat rooms have gay teen chatting about all the topics. Our website also provide free mobile chatting experience in Chatting online with a random person is 1 click away! Overall good Only problem, only reply I got was ngaf translation is nobody gives a f*** and that was rude, and I have only used it for 5 minutes like gosh.

      First of all, all of these people making reviews are adults, like CAN YOU READ it says teen. For regular visitors our chat rooms loads faster than first time. Free Online Random Teen Chat Rooms Are you a Teen, Teenager, Student, Graduate, or Teacher? Give it a half star if I could. Haha, I met soo many wickid ppl on this chat, an the LOVE of my life! Have made loads of freinds and met a girl in my area on here.

      I was wrong about this chat, and now I disliked it, I wouldn't recommend this app anymore, liers and losers. If you are 13 or 14 years old, it is recommended you visit our kids chat room. If you are not a teenager, please go to another for a large selection of other chat rooms specifically for you. If you follow the rules, you will be safe. If you need help, be sure to ask an adult in your life like a parent or teacher if you have already made mistakes. It allows us to make new friend D's.

      Be sure to tell all your teenager friends, family and strangers about our site.
      • Im just trying to change a profile oicture.
      • I met some cool people on their can I please get unbanned?
      • Do you want to chat with someone like you?
      • We will match you with a fellow around the world to have 1-1 random teen chat with someone.
      1. And the best part is that this is a totally free chat!
      2. And to add any new features to your account you have to do a 5 star review.
      3. But i did meet some people that seem nice.But when click it, it goes to browser and google playstore page.
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