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Tom Joyner is the person of our interest today. It was speculated that Tom Joyner was dating The Real Housewife of Atlanta star, Porsha. Tom Joyner and his "new boo" flirted mercilessly on the TJMS this morning. Porsha Stewart from the Real Housewives Of Atlanta stopped by to play her new.

The couple went through a peaceful divorce without any child custody issue as they don't have any children from their 12 years long wedded life. The couples were married for about 12 years before their divorce. The former husband and wife also thought it unwise to reveal the reason for the divorce but it is believed that the decision was mutual but not in a friendly manner.

He started anchoring his program, "The Tom Joyner Show" in 1994, now it became more popular and heard over 100cities, and it broadcasts under his company, Reach Media. He was once rumored to be involved with the famous singer Porsha but Porsha instantly denied the rumor and apologized to his former wife in an interview with Houston Style Magazine. He was rumored to have dated Porsha Williams, Claudia Jordan and many more. Heartbroken: 'Tom feels it's the ultimate betrayal.

I’m sorry but I Kenya hating on Phaedra is a joke. Joyner started his syndicated radio show The Tom Joyner Morning Show in 1994 with ABC Radio Networks after hosting a morning program in Dallas and an afternoon radio show in Chicago for eight years. Joyner was a Tuskegee Airman and mother, Frances Joyner was a secretary in millitary. Joyner's status skyrocketed and he instantly became a multimillionaire.

When she’s not on stage making audiences laugh out loud, the busy mother of one is promoting her new line of t-shirts called, colorful shirts that list any allergies kids may have. Who constantly had to defends herself on the show. Wow, she must be talking about a church fan. You have to be able to put yourself in another’s person situation, I’m not saying excuse all the things she say but she is human.

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The reason for divorce was not revealed but rumor says it was the cause of his new girlfriend. The reason was guessed to be due to be the new affair of Joyner. The vigorous travel schedule earned Joyner the nicknames The Fly Jock and The Hardest-Working Man In Radio. There’s nothing Wrong with her, folks get intimidated by her because she was already established before them as Ms. This week she goes in on co-star, calling her a mini.

At its peak it aired in upwards of 120 markets and reaching more than 15 million listeners daily.Better yet, ask Maurice Greene or Boris Kodjoe.Born Thomas Joyner on 23rd November, 1949 in Tuskegee, AL, he is famous for The Tom Joyner Morning Show, is syndicated across the United States and heard by over ten million radio listeners.

Phadrea supposed to be the Christian woman but every chance she get she twerking, gossiping, lying trying to be like Porshe girl you too old for that shit. Please be sure to open and click your first newsletter so we can confirm your subscription. Please be sure to open and click your first newsletter so we can confirm your subscription.

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Today we are going to give our readers a detailed information about his love life from this part of today's blog. Tom Joyner is an American host and also the founder of Reach Media Inc. Tom Joyner is the person of our interest today. Tom Joyner was marrid to his first wife, Dora Chatmon and divorced her in 1996. Tom belonged those media celebrity who married twice, while he also married twice, and it also called that he wasn't successful in his marital life.

I see her as an intelligent strong woman. I should have never listened to David and sold that stake to Radio One. I, too wish she would leave this show. If Kenya is still on next season, I will no longer watch. If it’s true, we wish them the best of romantic luck. In 1985, two companies: KKDA-FM and WGCI-FM offered position in their show one in morning and other in the afternoon respectively at two different places.

Taking care of her financially’. Thank you for subscribing! Thank you for subscribing! Thank you for subscribing! The TJMS interview was nice.

The man also maximum social works while the man has own 'Tom Joyner Foundation,' which valuation is over $ 60million which help keep students enrolled at HBCUs. The man has tremendous assets and properties, while he has more than ten expensive cars and recently he bought his house in Golden Beach Florida, US over $5 million dollars, and recently the man resides in his over $6 million dollars valuations house in Irving, Texas, US.

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On October 19 Radio One announced that Kantor had been named the new CEO of its radio division. On those rumors that she was dating married men, “Since my tumultuous relationship and divorce from Kordell, I’ve chosen to keep my personal life as quiet as possible. Pals: Joyner with a then Senator Barack Obama showing his support for the presidential race.

Kenya’s personality is the kind that has to grow on you but I believe she’s only mean-spirited when people attack her and she has to defend herself. Later he started dating with another beautiful diva as a girlfriend. Legendary syndicated radio host Tom Joyner will soon be signing off the air - but not by choice. Maybe even a spin-off?

Every time I have watched Kenya on the show, she reveals herself to be a nasty, mean spirited person. From his first wife, he had two sons: Oscar Joyner and Thomas Joyner. Had the show on at the time, but my brain heard she was the next guest so it automatically tuned her out. Have you ever considered incorporating a few things more than only text in your posts?

In November 2004, Radio One acquired a 53% stake in Reach Media for $56. In addition to her public beef with, it appears that she’s been romantically linked to a well-known radio personality. In short, she’s denied dating industry men like Jamie Foxx, Lamar Odom, Trey Songz, etc (click to watch her interview), but now, there’s been a new, seasoned man, rumored to be her new boyfriend. In the twelve years of the interval, the then husband and wife did not produce any children.

Praised Radio anchor of 'The Joyner Morning Show' who came to be the very first African-American guy to be inducted into the 'National Radio Hall of Fame' in 1998, who is also the founder of 'Reach Media Inc. Radio Host Tom Joyner Divorced His Wife For Girlfriend? Really Porshe Kandi wanted to give you a rape drug girl bye. Recently the man is happily living with his family and kids in Texas with an expensive house.

He accepted both positions and visited both companies daily in the plane for 8 years. He also invests in many fields, while he has own much more companies as well. He had no any children from her. He has huge net worth and also invests in much more fields and also involved in social works as well. He has no any children from her. He is of the American nationality and Afro-American ethnicity.

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  1. And is there more reality television in the works for the new Mrs.
  2. And the when Porsha says that Claudia is acting like a mini Kenya Moore!
  3. And then hating on Phadrea cause she married and divorced no good Apollo.
  4. I am in no way in a relationship or have I ever been in a relationship with a married man. I don’t like Kenya Moore at all. I feel if she could free her mind of that, she would be a better person. I have always wondered why her mom want have nothing to do with her. I have not seen her aunt on the show lately. I just wish she would get her facts straight. I need to know what those who condemn her, have made of their own lives.

    Since my tumultuous relationship and divorce from Kordell, I’ve chosen to keep my personal life as quiet as possible. Some of the divorce reports were finalized but the nature of the reports was not revealed to the media. Some people are so dog-on mean (me included, I own it). Sportscaster Tom is nowadays named alongside a lot of hotties from media and sports after a divorce from his former Donna Richardson.

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    • They were together for about twelve before they were divorced.
    • He was a superstar in the Black community and had crossover appeal that made him respected by the mainstream as well,' says the source.
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    • But let’s rewind for a moment.

    Hell I know people that’s going through the same things as Kenya and after all these years it’s still hurt. Her feelings are often hurt because despite her “I’m tough and can make it on my own” external, she’s really a softee and wants what everyone else does, to be loved or at the very least, liked. His height is 5 feet 10 inches and weighs 94 kg. How do you feel as a fan of the show? I agree with you and your commentI really like and love Kendra Moore.

    Tom has an estimated net worth of $30 million dollars with a huge salary. Tom is currently hosting nationally syndicated The Tom Joyner Morning Show and also manages his self-founded company ‘Reach Media Inc’. Triple threat: Sybil Wilkes, Tom Joyner and J. We find out that and more inside. We've joined the BHM Digital family of websites and have updated our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

    Kantor, then an executive at ABC Radio Networks, came up with the idea to launch Joyner into national syndication. Kenya has no reason to hate on lying ass Phaedra and dumb ass Porsche who didn’t no California was a state lmao If you ever been raped or denied by a parent you would have some compassionate for Kenya. Kenya keep voicing your opinion. Kenya you are pure evil, with a very wicked heart.

    • ', is Thomas Joyner best known as Tom Joyner.
    • 'Behind the scenes he is always sad and will tell anyone who'll listen: 'You know they're getting rid of me right?
    • 'Each year they would make Tom lay off long-term employees and comediennes like Miss Dupree and Myra J.
    • 'He's always moping around and looking like his world is coming to an end.
    • 'It killed Tom to just get rid of the people who had been loyal to him from the beginning, but he had no say in the matter,' the source tells Daily Mail Online.

    Maybe she has gotten sick of Kenya’s ass too. Million in cash and stock, which gave them ownership rights of The Tom Joyner Morning Show and Joyner's website BlackAmericaWeb. Moore does seem to have a very dark side; but the other women in the show, other then Kandi are jealous of her and her individual success.

    Nearly a year later, in September 2005, comedian Steve Harvey launched his own syndicated radio program The Steve Harvey Morning Show with Premiere Radio Networks and became direct competition for Joyner in many markets. Neither the 66 years old host has uttered a single word relating to this matter nor has Claudia. No love from mom has apparently resulted in a person who is incapable of showing love for anybody but herself.

    But our sportscaster surprises every one of his followers after his name was linked with the model, actress and TV personality Porsha Williams. But, Tom already has two grown-up children from his previous wedding with Dora Chatmon named Thomas Jr and Oscar. By continuing to use this site, you agree to our updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

    Porsha adds that Claudia’s past is out there for anyone to Google, “I’ve learned that sometimes when women are envious of other women they will project their past onto them by any means like calling me all the names that have followed Claudia and Kenya their entire careers such as whore, gold digger, home wrecker etc. Porsha starts off sharing that she’s praying for Claudia.

    1. According to our records, Tom Joyner is possibly single.
    2. After his second divorce, he was expected to be dating housewife of Atlanta star, Porsha Williams.
    3. After their distant relation sadly they broke their relationship in 1999 and divorced.
    4. After two marriages and divorces, Tom Joyner is suspected to have new affairs recently.
    5. And each week she doesn’t hold back – and probably loves the freedom of not having her words edited!
    6. Insiders speculate that it was Kantor's exit plan for Joyner that helped secure his new top spot. Instead of blogging for Bravo. Interview didn’t pop up on my screen, so I couldn’t listen, but no need.

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      Is this an April Fool’s Joke! It has to be something so devastating that the sight of het, her, her mother cannot bare. It was believed that Tom lost about $20,000 when he appeared on her show ‘The Apprentice’. It's like someone turned the light off in his eyes,' the source says. I’m going to wear my Cavs gear and my orthopedic heels,” Whitley said.

      But he had an explosive parting of ways with the company's founder Cathy Hughes and the company let him go before his contract ended in May 2005.

      Com you agree to our and. Daily Mail Online can reveal the 65-year-old entertainment veteran is being forced into an early retirement to not only make room for younger talent but also to coincide with the departure of President Barack Obama from the White House. Does anyone really give a DAMN about this Uneducated, Vile, Irrelevant female and that God forsaken, embarrassing reality TV experience? Don’t get me wrong, your writing is excellent.

      She and I were not necessarily considered friends, but I had never spoken ill towards her, of her or tried to call her out. She creates drama for a story line. She is a famous woman known to have some famous personalities. She is extremely evil and nasty. Sign Up For Our Newsletter!

      Can you see these two romantically linked, speculate that these rumors were started by someone that doesn’t care for Claudia OR could you care less? Caption: Tom Joyner with former wife Donna Richardson. Claudia had already told me she had gotten fired from her show in New York and could no longer afford her lifestyle.

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