16 year old dating 21

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Deleted account] (39 moms have responded). Hello, I'm 16 years old and I've been dating my 21 yr old boyfriend for almost a year. My parents like him but they. Firstly, to address the age gap: you are 21, and she is 16.

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If I am making a mistake, well, teens have to make mistakes on their own and learn from them. If he was in highschool this would be more inappropriate, because they'd be at completely different stages of their life. If you 2 truly loved each other and are meant to be together then it would last waiting a couple of years. If you are having issues with the sub and want to make a meta post, please first. In Holland its 16 I believe, but my point is the "rape" definition.

At least one of you is going to change in major ways during that time period.At the same time I believe each person is different and should be allowed to make decisions if they are capable of making them.Basicly, if she wants it, you can give it to her, but if she decides not, at any time.

What about if your 10-year-old looks at you and says, "I'm ready to date, Dad"? When I turned 21, I remember making a point, regularly, to look at teens and ask myself whether I'd want to hang out with them, much less date one. When you were 16, how old was your oldest boyfriend or sexual partner? Yes, they were both legal adults so it's not exactly the same. You do what you do based on your size, strengths, and abilities.

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My parents also worried about those age gaps, but in my case they really were very nice, sweet girls. My parents didn't mind the slight age gap. My parents like him, they just don't feel comfortable with our age difference. Nd, does this girl realize that he is 16?

Or does she think she found a cute little brother/puppy to talk to? Org that 16 is an appropriate age for a teen to start dating one-on-one, you might feel your daughter is not ready and make a rule that you only allow her on group dates for now. Personally, I don't think you should be dating a 21 year old.

I definitely want to keep her in my life even if just as a friend but I would prefer to be intimate. I do understand that adults have been in this situation, but I just feel like parents should also be understanding and not try to stand in the way of their kids happiness. I don't really believe in statistics.

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Not only is the Roxy Music pop star's significantly younger than he is, she also turns out to be his son's ex-girlfriend. Now I understand your other post better. OP should definitely ask for proof of age. One-Quarter use dating scenetop 10, the online dating filmon1234's photo: calgary dating site has a message me about a great post.

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I don't see any problem with OP's son dating a 21yo. I don't see any problem with a 21 year old and a 16 year old, as long as they are looking out for each others best interests and the guy isn't taking advantage. I keep telling him it's wrong but he says age is just a number and no age difference will come between him and his true love. I know as our kids age they meet lots of people, outside the school setting, and may.

You have to embrace it and let him make his own choices. You may be an A student now but you still need to concentrate on your schooling or that can drop suddenly. You need to ask yourself what you both want out of this, specifically what he wants. You want to be treated like an adult, right?

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Recently I was flicking through the black hole that is tinder. Responsible and sweet and kind, but also young and as dumb as she should be for never having been out in the world. Right now there is TOO much of a life difference. She added me on Facebook and from there we have been chatting a lot.

It's also taking me by surprise because he's always been a cerebral kid who was shy around girls and I never thought about him having a girlfriend before now. It's much more normal for a guy to date younger than his age, but as a 21yr old, 16 just sounds very young to me, I wouldn't entertain it. Just because other people are doing it, does not mean you should too. Just because other people are doing it, does not mean you should too.

As long as the age of consent is there then let him go for it.
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Vote and participate in the and report rule violations. We "dated" a little, but we broke up and stayed best friends. We had gotten in the habit of him driving me home, and my suddenly wanting to make different arrangements seemed to inconvenience everyone. We just need to check something in your message and will publish it as soon as we can. Were she to be called to fight for her country at the age of 30 or even 40, how would she respond?

Ashlee, i had a friend that had a 20 year old boyfriend, she was 16 at the time.
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You've got an advanced kid that is taking on the responsibilities of an adult a few years earlier than most kids. Your parents have a right to be concerned that you and this boy are potentially breaking the law.

I trust you've made sure he's fully equipped with reproductive health facts. I was young for my grade, and then I skipped a grade. I would recommend for you to wait until she is 18, before progressing with this relationship. I've also done research on the.

It would depend on what the laws are in which country or state this is taking place in here in the UK this is legal as she is 16 years old which is the age of consent over here however i still think it is weird for a 21 year old guy to be dating a 16 year old im 19 years old and i wouldn't even think of dating someone over a year younger than me.

But I think most people would agree that we do slow down on maturing a little bit after a certain age and the age gap becomes much less of a "big deal". But I was not one of them. But he did not know how old i was. Can I ask how long you have been seeing this person? Did your kid say something awesome? Don't tell 23 year olds their young.

Is it illegal dating of 21 and 16 years old couple in America? It would be a bit curious though that if it had to be a 21 year old when he/she was 16 still High skooling, questions would be asked but not total interrogation.

She is a 21 year old WOMAN. So a 14 year old having "relations" with a 20 year old isn't called statutory rape? So finally, after all these years, you can actually date the kids you knew when they were kids. So let's say something happens. The OP literally knows almost nothing about her, and can only assume her reasoning. The girl sounds like she has her head on straight. They have now been married 20+ years and have two children.

Even if that means putting a kink in their oxygen tank cord. Film-Maker daniel polley hagan, exclusively conscious dating website for meet with. For instance, you might let her go out with a boy on a Friday or Saturday night, or you might allow her only one weeknight date per week. Garden city, say, real single 67 sea port in university avenue's aug 14 pm of service presents itself as 16-year-old to old. He has a part time job and is pretty descent and calm considering.

Lol why is that "rape"? Make sure you indicate that you're a parent or guardian to avoid confusion if it's not obvious! More specifically, she is underage to consent. My advice to you is this: if you want this relationship to work, you have to wait until she is 18. My advice to you is this: if you want this relationship to work, you have to wait until she is 18.

I know people who were 25 and 16 and have been going strong for a few years now but it still feels weird and I can't decide what to do. I know we aren't breaking any laws if we do decide to get together but the gap is literally keeping me awake at night. I know we aren't breaking any laws if we do decide to get together but the gap is literally keeping me awake at night. I matched with a very attrative girl with who I had the most 'common connections' with than any other match.

He was a big brother, someone to pal around with. High five and a condom would have been my reaction. I also may not have been either sane or sober when I wrote it down. I am not completely current on the Arizona Statutes in this area right now as I am on a sabbatical from work. I can't imagine what any 21 year old would want with a 16 year old. I can't imagine what any 21 year old would want with a 16 year old.

  1. " As if she's the reason he's wanting to date.
  2. "It's obvious that none of you really understand how I feel, which I kind of figured.
  3. "We need to discuss this," he said.
  4. Absolutely no bullying or personal attacks including going through someone’s post history to find past comments to use against them.
  5. And to be fair, you DID ask if the age difference is too big.
    • When you're 16 and living university life, the majority of your age cohort just seems far too immature for you.
    • I was a soldier, I was 20 when I joined the army.
    1. Any grown man who is dating a minor is not the sharpest tack in the box.
    2. Any information given is a description only and should be verified by your attorney.
    3. As I got older, however, the more I realized that my experience was not an uncommon one.
    4. As a man, though, you are congratulated if you are 80 years old and dating a woman who is 47 years old.
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