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Find information about the City Council including meeting times and agendas and minutes. Find live or taped coverage of the City Council work sessions and meetings. State of the City - January 24. View City Council meeting agendas and minutes, including work session and special meeting agendas and minutes. We truly need your attendance at this one crucial council meeting as a show of support, as there IS a large, misinformed.

As an aside, I would like to encourage everyone to file reports on the earthquakes they feel using the USGS “Did You Feel It” website (earthquake.

Education Services for Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and Paramedics in the Amount of 113,678. Elected officials are under a mixed system of single-member districts and at-large seats. Enjoy a classic movie the whole family will love. Fifteen monitors are being deployed today, Jan. Finally, I’ll have some brief remarks concerning assessment of earthquake hazards and preparation going forward.

Thanks to the support of City of Irving, this deployment subsequent to the largest events last Tuesday has been the most rapid of any of the sequences in the area and will provide one of the best data sets for assessing the swarm. The City Council met in regular session in the Council Chambers of the City Hall Complex on Thursday, October 13, 2016 at approximately 7:00 p.

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    Communities need to be able to make informed decisions about preparation as well as improve hazard assessment. Construction, LLC, in the Amount of 448,903. Council members Riddle, LaMorgese, John Danish, Dennis Webb, Oscar Ward, Kyle Taylor and David Palmer voted for the ordinance. Councilman Brad LaMorgesse also said he supported Riddle's amendment.

    In the case of two of the previous earthquake sequences, those near DFW airport and Cleburne, we found that there is a plausible or possible linkage between waste water disposal and the earthquakes. It appears your browser does not have it turned on. It prohibits applying foreign law if it infringes on state law.

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    Turning to the recent Irving swarm, it is important to recognize that the USGS has primary responsibility in the US for locating earthquakes as well as providing earthquake hazard assessment. View live gavel-to-gavel coverage of the Irving City Council work sessions and follow the City Council as they make decisions that impact residents at the City Council meetings. View the list of Council meeting dates -.

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    A single-member district is a geographically defined voter district represented by a single elected official.Also, animals find new homes during Clear the Shelters.An SMU team installed one portable seismometer in a building on the northeast side of the City of Irving Monday, Jan.

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    In areas such as California where earthquake activity is high, permanent seismic stations are already installed with spacing adequate to provide these types of refined earthquake locations. In order to improve our mapping of the fault causing these earthquakes, over the last week we have worked with the City of Irving and others to deploy additional seismometers designed to provide high precision locations.

    The overview of past and ongoing research related to possible linkages between human activities and earthquakes will not be explicitly covered tonight although you have been supplied the materials we presented to the Texas House Subcommittee on Seismicity on 12 May 2014 and it is also available at:. The previous sequences have decayed away following the largest event with magnitudes similar to those experienced last Tuesday.

    Councilman Dennis Webb was a very vocal opponent who got into an argument with the mayor over the vote, and one councilmember who quoted scripture got a standing ovation for opposing the resolution. Councilman John Danish said he supported the amendment to the ordinance and asked residents on both sides of the issue to work together to find a solution. Councilman Phil Riddle proposed an amendment at the meeting that allows a minimum of six hens to have a rooster.

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    SMU’s seismology team is committed to helping North Texans understand more about the increasing number of earthquakes felt in our region over the last few years, most recently near the City of Irving. See what the city is doing to help people and pets. Several residence came out in support of the chicken ordinance during the city council meeting at City Hall in Irving, Texas on April 6, 2017.

    It reaffirms that foreign laws may not be used in family court cases, like divorce or custody issues. It's already illegal to use foreign laws in the United States. It's similar to one that was passed in 2010 in Oklahoma but was struck down in federal court for being unconstitutional.

    As a result, the deployment of additional seismic stations closer to initial earthquake location estimates provides the basis for refining these locations in order to attribute them to a fault.

    Steps in this next stage of the study are the development of data on subsurface fault details, assessment of relative locations of any near-by commercial activities to the earthquakes, acquisition of data related to any identfied commercial activities, and development of detailed subsurface geology and rock properties. Subscribe to calendar notifications by clicking on the Notify Me button, and you will automatically be alerted about the latest events in our community.

    I do not know whether this specific swarm will die out or whether it will continue. I have prepared short remarks and then we are available for questions that you might have. I will add that there are other experts who point out that even in these two cases the sequences could be natural.

    The Irving City Council passed a resolution Thursday night to support a bill prohibiting any so-called foreign laws, but it takes aim at sharia law, and local Muslims say they are being unfairly targeted. The SMU scientists stress that learning more about this recent series of earthquakes will be an incremental process. The Texas State Library and Archives Commission in the Amount of 5,000. The Texas State Library and Archives Commission in the Amount of 75,000.

    And we’ll have highlights from the Let’s Play Gaming Expo.Arts and Culture Department Executive Director Todd Hawkins and his staff bring news on plans for Irving’s museums, community events, exhibits and more.

    The first was an earthquake sequence centered near DFW airport in 2008 and 2009 with the largest magnitude of 3. The location of the Irving seismometer is not being made public to preserve the integrity of the data it collects. The monitor installation team. The next Irving City Council meeting is Mar 23 at 7p But if you can't make it, watch the entire meeting on demand. The ordinance was first tabled in in order to get community feedback, and to conduct more research on the matter.

    These errors are large enough that it can be difficult to assign an earthquake or swarm to a particular fault, which is critical to understanding the process. These events have led to cooperation and collaboration with a number of groups, governments and organizations. To date, all of the North Texas earthquakes have been small, less than magnitude 4.

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    • "I can now live next to 10 roosters.
    • "I do agree with many of the comments from people in opposition have made here tonight," he said.

    Such a comprehensive study will need to involve contributions from a diverse collection of individuals within government, industry and academia with expertise across a broad spectrum. Support for House Bill 562 passed 5-4, but there were plenty of dissenters in the crowd. Texas Government Code Located at 2417 W.

    I would like to thank you, the Irving City Council, for the opportunity to appear tonight and discuss the recent seismic activity in the area. If there are near-by commercial activities related to the injection or recovery of fluids, it might be that the impact of the associated fluids on near-by faults will be important to explore and thus require additional supporting data.

    Jim Widener said the ordinance's regulations on the chicken coops were unfair. Jo Kirkbride speaks against the chicken ordinance during the city council meeting at City Hall in Irving, Texas on April 6, 2017. John DeLorme, 6643 DeLeon Street, Irving, TX Mr. Kirkbride said she was not happy the ordinance passed because this would allow her neighbors to have more roosters, a problem she hoped the original version of the proposal would resolve.

    Creek Development Corporation for the Redevelopment of 200 Gilbert in the Amount of 150,000. DALLAS (SMU) – SMU’s seismology team will deploy 22 more seismographs in the Irving area over the next few days to better understand the series of earthquakes that United States Geological Survey (USGS) data indicates are occurring on or near the site of the old Texas Stadium. Don't miss out on the conversation. Dozens of storm evacuees take shelter in Irving.

    The University’s seismology team is not currently engaged in a larger study of the cause of the Irving quakes, but I will brief the Irving City Council Jan. The Vikings welcomed the Falcons to Irving Schools Stadium for a non-district football match-up that we had for you last September. The bill does not stop the tribunals. The fact that they have been widely felt and have continued over months has naturally raised concerns.

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    We anticipate that within the next month as additional small events occur that these data will provide the basis for a refinement of our understanding of the responsible fault. We gebruiken cookies om inhoud en advertenties relevanter te maken en je een veiligere ervaring te bieden.

    When meeting is scheduled - Wednesday at 1 p. Your first month is less than a dollar.

    Recent earthquakes in West Texas, East Texas and South Texas have been large enough that they might cause some damage if they occurred in our area, and thus motivates the assessment of current seismicity in our local area and meetings like this one tonight. Residents with one acre or less are allowed to have one rooster and a maximum of 24 hens. SMU’s interest in these Irving-area earthquakes is at this point focused on helping to identify their exact location.

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    As you can imagine, using seimic waves from such distant stations typically results in intrinsic errors in location estimates that can be as large as 3-6 miles. At-large candidates are elected to represent the whole city; all voters can vote for candidates running for an at-large seat.

    On what data might be expected from the Irving installation, as well as on the results of past research into earthquakes in the Fort Worth Basin. Only registered voters that live within the specified district's boundaries can vote for candidates who run for seat in the district. Others, like Cristy Lane and Jo Kirkbride, spoke in favor of the ordinance before the amendment was proposed. Public Hearing on the FY 2017-18 Proposed Tax Rate and the FY 2017-18 City of Irving Fiscal Year Budget.

    Get up to date information about Irving’s cultural scene on this edition of Open Line. He says there are 8,000 to 10,000 Muslims who live in Irving, and 100,000 in the DFW area. Heather DeShon, SMU associate professor of geophysics, led the Reno-Azle research team, and a report is pending. House Bill 562 will be heard in committee next week. I believe these statements are consistent with guidance provided by the USGS.

    The report on the earthquakes in the Azle-Reno area has not yet been released. The seismology team also can retrieve data from a University-controlled portable seismometer previously installed at a site south of DFW airport, as well as the seismometer permanently installed in the basement of Heroy Hall on the SMU campus. The third thing I want to discuss are the next steps in a study like this one. There has been a significant increase in earthquakes in the Fort Worth basin since October 2008.

    1. A number of these have been widely felt across the area with a total of four above magnitude 3.
    2. A sample of news coverage of the Irving quakes.
    3. A second sequence from 2009 into 2010 was near Cleburne, Texas with the largest magnitude of 2.
    4. Because the two largest events are of almost equal magnitude and occurred close in time to one another, we and others have called this an earthquake swarm as opposed to a single main earthquake followed by aftershocks. Candidates must live in the single-member district in which they run. Choose Select a Calendar to view a specific calendar. Citizens are invited to speak for three (3) minutes on matters relating to City government and on items not listed on the regular agenda.

      Laws and those in the State of Texas. Monitor up to five cities and counties and get alerts when they plan to vote on topics you're passionate about. Motioned by Councilman Webb, seconded by Councilman LaMorgese to Approve a Resolution for a settlement agreement with Glover McMillan. On this episode of About Towne we’ll have a preview of MainStage Irving/Las Colinas’ “Rang De!

      We have great technology, but reports from people who have felt earthquakes are quite useful in interpreting the location of an earthquake, its size and how seismic waves decrease in amplitude as they move away from the earthquake source. We want to support the local community in understanding these earthquakes, and the team appreciates the cooperation of the City of Irving, the United States Geological Survey and IRIS in helping us get the best information possible.

      • "We have made jokes about chickens and we are ready to vote for this tonight.
      • This latest installation provides a third source of data SMU can tap in helping to determine the location of the Irving-area earthquakes.
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