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A year's worth of weekly safety meeting subjects. Safety Away From Work. OSHA Safety and Health Topics Pages Alphabetical Listing of Topics. Toolbox talks are an easy way for foremen and supervisors to supplement the OSHA training efforts of their company or organization, and to keep safety front and center in their workers' minds.

Ensure your meetings meet the needs of all your employees — choose English, Spanish, or both! Expert speakers: Finding an expert speaker to lead the meeting will make it more appealing and more authoritative. For more safety meeting topics ideas, the complete and updated list of safety observances for this year can be found via NSC. Founded in 1995 by experienced building industry & safety program specialists, Courage Safety provides a full range of safety services and OSHA compliance tools.

Then prepare a list of safety messages that can be given to help prevent the injuries that you have been experiencing. There’s no stop limit to what you can lose if you are unsafe. These free OSHA training toolbox talks are appropriate for use in most any work environment (manufacturing, construction, medical/dental, service industry.

Google Wants to Help Promote Contractors – See How! Hand out a list of safety messages that employees can sign off on as they read. Has your workplace considered starting a healthy eating program? Have dispatchers give a daily safety message to each driver. Here is where using OH&S Software really shines compared to paper.

Technology for Heating and Cooling Too? Thank You for Visiting Our Website You are exiting the Department of Labor's Web server. Thank you for visiting our site. That way you will be more familiar with the content to be covered and therefore less apt to stumble while reading to the group.

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It’s been proven to work for small & large corporations alike. Keep your stairway clear of objects. Last but not least, practice what you preach. Lift with your legs, not your back. Lockout Tagout - prevent equipment operation during service. Look around your equipment before your start-up. Many other OSHA training topics covered as well.

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Check out our recent survey and its accompanying report, both sponsored by eCompliance®, to get insight into how safety professionals and their companies are encouraging employees to actively participate in safety initiatives.Clean up grease, spills, slick spots quickly.Compliance will only take you so far with injury prevention.

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, you might need a new chair – one that is ergonomically correct. If you drop a tool, pick it up right away. If you'd like to sign-up for our monthly e-mail newsletter, please check this box. If you'd like to sign-up for our monthly e-mail newsletter, please check this box. Interactive: Keep the meeting interactive by asking or answering questions, arranging hands-on practice, or passing around appropriate objects for participants to examine.

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The provided below on this website are available for you to download and print at no cost for use within your company or organization. The study illustrates the diverse opinions within the safety field regarding such issues as implementing behavior-based vs. The survey sheds light on how companies are faring in response to OSHA’s upcoming 1904 recordkeeping rule updates and what solutions are expected to help them with electronic submission.

  1. Always give workers an opportunity to ask questions at the end of the toolbox talk.
  2. Always set a good example.
  3. Are an easy way for foremen and supervisors to supplement the OSHA training efforts of their company or organization, and to keep safety front and center in their workers' minds.
  4. NOTE: For the construction and tunneling industries there are specific requirements for "tailgate" safety meetings. Need Lockout/Tagout Help? Never lay an acetylene tank on its side. No faster way to complete your OSHA training! Note: Do you appreciate these free toolbox talks? Note: Do you appreciate these free toolbox talks?

    Is fully committed to making sure that the temperature is right. Is the guard on your angle grinder? Is your electrical cord okay? It can take a lot of work to develop safety topics for such toolbox talks each day or week. It makes sense to offer a lecture in early summer when many people will be planning Fourth of July celebrations, but the same meeting will not be well attended if it is offered in October.

    Don’t’ pass under or reach under a raised load. Download one, or all, of them today! Dull tools can be more dangerous than sharp tools.

    Consider your work chair. Customization Available: Checklists, Safety Topics, & Your Company Logo (all can be added to the Safety Meeting App).

    Together, this system provides your jobsite with the tools to be OSHA compliant and helps to defend against unjust third-party lawsuits. Toolbox Topics are used to cover a variety of short safety training subjects and to remind employees each day before they go to work, the importance of being safe. Try to hold the toolbox talk in an area that is free of noise and other distractions. Use of Prior Safety Bulletins – what topics have helped create new procedures,safety messages, and bulletins?

    Users must request such authorization from the sponsor of the linked Web site. WCF Insurance does not undertake to perform the duty of any person to provide for the health or safety of your employees. WCF Insurance does not warrant that your workplace is safe or healthful, or that it complies with any laws, regulations, codes or standards. Wait until the person stops to get his attention. Watch where you cut when you use the torch. Watch where you put your hands.

    We also have a section for sharing such as images, videos, documents or safety presentations to help you get the message across. We created this report for our coaching class and we are now giving it away to all visitors for free. We have a section specifically for including toolbox topics on subjects such as, and many others.

    From helping you understand the latest OSHA regulations on temporary worker safety, to strategies for improving training and adherence to your company’s “safety culture,” this in-depth Safety Insider Report (a $299 value! Furthermore, a driving tips safety lecture would not be relevant to elementary school students who are years away from driving. General, Trade/Specialty, and Sub-Contractors who work on Residential & Commercial projects.

    They are not to be used for commercial gain, nor can they be republished on any other website or in any document without our explicit permission. Through this exchange, all can benefit from interesting and diverse toolbox safety topics to share with employees during the toolbox talk to emphasize safety at work. To achieve world-class safety performance on and off-the-job you must address the human factors that are involved in the majority of incidents and injuries.

    Safety Toolbox Talks was started in 2007 as a portal for safety professionals to share and exchange free safety topic resources. Secure your compressed gas cylinders. See our to ensure your information will not be shared with others. Space: Hold the meeting in a large enough space to accommodate all attendees without crowding. Speak clearly and directly. State Fund has produced an extensive selection of Safety Meeting Topics.

    The Department of Labor does not endorse, takes no responsibility for, and exercises no control over the linked organization or its views, or contents, nor does it vouch for the accuracy or accessibility of the information contained on the destination server. The Safety Meeting Topics are intended for use by our insured policyholders and may be disseminated to their employees for loss prevention purposes.

    Safety Meeting App offers what we have been looking for – The ability to have and record meetings and Incident Documentation “on the Fly” is a huge asset. Safety Services Company is in no way endorsed, sponsored, approved by, or otherwise affiliated with ISNetworld ®. Safety Services Company took over and in 1 week we were compliant with 100% RAVS ® Safety Review and a grade of A!

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    Develop a master list for all to use. Do you feel well-balanced sitting in it? Do you know where the fire extinguishers are located? Do you regularly arrive at work feeling tired, groggy or run-down? Does the job require eye protection?

    We take the time to discuss safety because we care. Wear earplugs when you need them. We’ve compiled a list of links and resources for you to download and use on your job site. Whether brief or long, daily safety messages have helped companies change behavior and reinforce safe practices.

    Attach a safety message to drivers’ trip folders.But just because stepladders seem simple to use doesn’t mean they’re risk-free.
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    The Task-Oriented Approach: This approach helps the workers to concentrate on the job activity. The Topic Approach: Yet another approach is to concentrate on a specific message over a period of days. The app is great for formulating minutes on the fly, on tablet or phone. The best safety meetings will be include more than just a lecture. The intention of this site is to be an exchange for safety professionals. The message may also be developed into a longer message for a daily safety session.

    Will provide the knowledge you need to limit your liability, comply with federal regulations, and drive safety success in your organization for your entire workforce. With SiteDocs you can upload pre-written safety talks to your account and have your workers instantly access them on their iphone/android or tablet. You might ask, “What can I possibly talk about each day?

    If so, please help increase the visibility of this resource on the internet by clicking the Facebook "LIKE" button and/or the Google +1 button located at the bottom of this page. If so, please help increase the visibility of this resource on the internet by clicking the Facebook "LIKE" button and/or the Google +1 button located at the bottom of this page. If the workers cannot hear you talking, or are distracted by other activities in the area, they won’t be focusing on your talk.

    State Fund is the largest provider of workers’ compensation insurance in California. Subject matter for safety meetings can vary widely depending on the organization presenting the meeting, the time of year, the intended audience, and even the location of the meeting. Taking chances with unsafe actions isn’t worth it because you can lose too much. Talking to the crewmembers in person works well; however, you may not be able to get everyone together for a presentation.

    But practicing good ergonomics can help prevent workers from acquiring MSDs.By using the safety Checklists you will be able to document and securely record potential hazards with the push of a button.Cannot be held liable for the content in, or misuse of, these generic toolbox talks.

    Nothing makes a trainer lose credibility faster than to have a worker see them doing something that violates the safety precautions that were covered in a previous toolbox talk. Once the form has been signed by every worker, it is automatically uploaded to your SiteDocs account and available for review at head office. Once they have read the toolbox talk, workers will be able to select their name and sign the form right on the device.

    Resources are found all around you. Review these items and prepare a list. Safety Meeting App Now Has Checklists!

    Are you looking for topics for a safety meeting?As a user, you will have access to over 500 different safety training subjects and navigate through the site searching by either “trade” or “type”.As the committee chairman I am able to pre fill the forms ready for the meeting.
    • "Toolbox Talks", "Toolbox Topics", "Safety Chats", "Tailgate Meetings" or whatever your organization calls them is a brief safety talk or meeting about a specific subject at the beginning of the shift.
    • A daily safety message may be as brief as a one line safety reminder, or last a couple of minutes.
    • A good time to have safety messages is at the beginning of each shift.
    • A new toolbox talk will be published on this site each month.
    • A volunteer firefighter, for example, could give home fire safety tips, or an emergency medical technician could lead a meeting on first aid techniques.
    • According to the Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety, “When a workplace can help employees to make wise food choices, as part of a workplace health program, it can influence the person’s long-term health and wellness.

    E-mail a safety message daily to supervisors to pass onto their crews. Easily store current & past meetings electronically in the event they are needed. Easily store current & past meetings in the event they are needed.

    1. After ordering, your meetings are mailed in either monthly installments or all at once — your choice.
    2. All that is left is for you to claim it.
    3. Always document your toolbox talks.
      • When planning a meeting, always choose an appropriate topic for your audience and situation.
      • We are confident that our team is more educated than our competition mainly because we have an on staff HVACR instructor from a local college and we hold weekly training classes as well as attend manufacturer training classes to stay up to date on the most current changes in our industry.

      Don’t bust your knuckles when the bolt or nut comes loose. Don’t test how sharp it is with your fingers. Don’t twist your back while lifting.

      One way to keep employees focused on safety is with simple, short daily safety messages. Our hope is that if you use the resources on this site, you'll also post your own toolbox talk creations to share with others. Pay attention to what you are doing. Provide an opportunity for continuous safety review. Relevance: The topic should be immediately relevant to your life.

      Use of Supervisor Experience – invite supervisors to come up with their lists of safety favorites, safety concerns and “should do’s. Use of the Accident Loss Report – find out what kinds of accidents are occurring, how they are occurring, what body parts are being injured, what preventative measures can be taken, etc. Usefulness: While there are many safety issues that could be presented to different groups, the most informative meetings will be ones that focus on useful topics.

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