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Brooks dating history, 2017, 2016, list of A. Who is she dating right now? AJ Lee debuted on the main roster of WWE a year and a half ago and has had. We have seen Kane dating divas such as Lita in 2004.

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  • Punk sounds like a person I would never want to be around based off all the stories I've about dude.
  • Despite their dual status as two top members of the WWE roster, or perhaps because of that status, and AJ were relatively quiet about starting a relationship during the early days of their courtship.

This all coming from the mouth of who claimed she’d been with “like, 10 guys” on the WWE roster. This was around the punk era with her though. This website is part of the entertainment community.

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Divas obviously have lives away from the camera. Dumas had been cheating on Hardy with (Edge). During NXT, she was brought into a meeting with Head of Talent Relations and told directly to her face that "no one wants to have sex with you" and that the company had a standard to uphold. During the exchange of vows at, AJ announced that had offered her the job of Raw and left Bryan at the altar.

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Punk may not have fared as well as he or anyone on his team had hoped, but he never claimed to regret the experience and remains proud of himself for living his dream, and probably more important on a personal level, he claimed AJ’s first words to him after losing the fight indicated she felt the same way. Punk, Ryback and Cornette for example. REDDIT and the ALIEN Logo are registered trademarks of reddit inc. Ramsadeen, Avinash; Credo, Steve (April 7, 2017).

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Low-effort, single image link posts, including but not limited to, screenshots, crude photoshops, and MS paint-style artwork, are subject to removal. Making the transition from popular WWE superstar to UFC fighter, Phillip "CM Punk" Brooks leads a busy lifestyle, but he knows he'll always have the support of his wife, AJ Mendez Brooks (better known to wrestling fans as AJ Lee). Meanwhile on SmackDown, she was attacked by Natalya, who on her protégé and allied with to form.

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Though she’s currently working on the independent circuit, Maria had a long fruitful career as a WWE Diva and while her dating resume might not be as long as other Divas, she has had her share of relationships inside the WWE. Triple H accused him of killing his own girlfriend and then having sex with her corpse, but I wouldn't trust the words of the Cerebral Assassin.

Bryan's avoidance of saying that he loves A. By continuing past this page, and by your continued use of this site, you agree to be bound by and abide by the. By keeping the event underreported, Punk and AJ were able to maintain their privacy and enjoy their wedding in peace. Com, Konnan reveals that the two are seeing each other. Despite that, she kept refusing him and they remained close friends instead.

Wish her all the happiness now. With success there will always be those trying to knock you down.

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Seems like the rumours about the Bellas complaining to management were true. She also developed an on-screen friendship with fellow competitor. She claims she was then eliminated from NXT following the meeting, despite them previously telling her that she was getting the most votes each week.

Not perfect obviously since it's all but confirmed he's cheated on Linda, but it seems they made it through that. Not that I endorse that line of thinking. Notice no mention of the Bellas in that second paragraph? Now expecting everyone to get this joke, but did Steven Moffat give CM Punk some courting advice here? On January 13, 2012, while accompanying Bryan for his title defense, she was accidentally crashed into by and carried off on a stretcher as part of the storyline.

Juggernautt - Jaybrone - torubu - GSP24 - I bet AJ is an animal in bed. Lee has worked on campaigns focusing on anti-dogfighting and having pets neutered, in addition to designing apparel with Beautiful Disaster Clothing that benefitted PAWS Chicago. Like how did that happen?

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Some have gotten married while most others haven’t ended as happily. Thank you for the writeup. That help give the subreddit a balance of content. That lasted a while but her longest and perhaps most well documented relationship was with. The pair dated for three years and then got married in 2014. Their storyline was then intertwined with that of and Brie Bella, at the behest of, who granted Nikki a championship opportunity. There is but one path.

After months of hype and what felt like years of planning, CM Punk made his UFC debut against Mickey Gall on September 10, 2016, in which he submitted to a rear-naked choke in two minutes and fourteen seconds. All I have to say is lol at the idea of AJ being such a big fan of Lita that she's now riding the same cawk her hero was nomsayin'. And not even he could get in my pants.

AJ also wasn't allowed to wear her Chucks, and management was insisting that the women all had to wear colourful, sparkly dresses all the time.AJ continued to exact revenge on both Bryan and Punk throughout her tenure, denying their requests and them in matches against their wishes.

Once Punk and AJ left the wrestling industry, they seemed to also end the majority of the relationships they had formed during their time in WWE. Overall, she spoke highly of people such as Kaitlyn, Beth Phoenix, Eve, Layla, Naomi, Aksana, Cena, Paige, Tamina, Kane, Bryan, Big E, Tom Prichard, Norman Smiley, Billy Kidman and Vince McMahon. Posts or submissions about the community itself are allowed as long as they follow the general rules of Squared Circle.

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She talks about being "aggressively courted" by a wrestler who secretly had a girlfriend in the company, which resulted in that woman hating her. She then moved on with. She was around 23 years old at this point. She wrote a few paragraphs about how certain women tried to saboage her and complained to management when things didn't go their way. So what you are saying is that Kane isn't just a universally liked, gentle giant?

I just find this topic so strange. I know that I wouldn't get along with him politically, but he seems like someone you could actually have a rational conversation about that kind of stuff with him. I really hope that he gets a hell of a retirement ceremony when he goes.

AJ has likewise claimed to be somewhat of an introvert, not sharing many details of her life until deciding to release a memoir.

Instead, made the decision to release Punk of his contract and sent him his termination papers through the mail, which Punk received on the same day he and AJ were set to wed. It has been really strange, because their first story line really got them over, but WWE never really mentions it when they talk D-Brys career. It takes maturity and a great character to just handle rejection so well. Jaybrone - torubu - GSP24 - I bet AJ is an animal in bed.

If they feel it's significant or unique to be up despite the rules. In 2013, Beadle, a longtime wrestling fan, decided to help promote and participate in WWE’s yearly Tribute to the Troops special. In March 2007, Mendez enrolled in a wrestling school close to her home, where she was trained by, and. In March 2013, AJ continued her storyline rivalry with ex-boyfriend Daniel Bryan after they traded insults backstage. In March, Bryan started acting verbally abusive towards AJ but she stood by him.

These are 10 WWE Divas who’ve dated multiple wrestlers. They are former one-time IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions. They both love comics so much that graphic novels have been ingratiated into their characters, with AJ’s nickname of Geek Goddess implying a certain love for all things nerdy, and Punk’s penchant for yelling “It’s clobberin’ time! They captured the tag team titles on February 7, 2009, by defeating the Beatdown Betties (Roxie Cotton and Annie Social).

I can't take any of this book seriously if she legit tried to chris benoit Jay Lethal out of her life. I for one hope this doesn’t happen. I just don't understand how it sounds better to spin the narrative that you lost your virginity to Trent Beretta of all people than to be honest about your engagement to Jay Lethal, unless she's trying to dodge the 'sleeping her way to the top' allegations some of the other women who wrestled with her in the NJ indie she started in have come out with.

From the original on September 22, 2010. From the original on September 24, 2014. From the original on September 9, 2010. Fuck you Johnny Ace. Her first kiss happened around 20-21 years old with someone she described as a long-time friend who spent months talking to her, but she never slept with him. Her zodiac sign is Pisces. I can't see Orton taking rejection well with all the stories about him lmao.

Five days later on April 3, WWE announced that Mendez decided to retire from in-ring competition. Follow for breaking news, AMA announcements, and much more! Following her and Langston's assistance towards Ziggler's victories over Bryan and his tag team partner Kane, she challenged them to defend their against Ziggler and Langston at, which they accepted. From the original on April 13, 2014. From the original on April 18, 2015. From the original on April 26, 2013.

Use the following search parameters to narrow your results: subreddit: subreddit find submissions in "subreddit" author: username find submissions by "username" site: example. WWE executive Stephanie McMahon had praised actress for advocating women's rights and encouraged women to "use your voice". We may never know when that day will come, so if you need your fix of Geek Goddesses and Straight Edge Messiahs, keep reading and learn 15 things you never knew about CM Punk and AJ Lee’s marriage.

Apparently has a baby on the way by Lita and now is dating one of Lita's biggest fans lmfao. As far as dating AJ goes, it's hard not to believe it because of his track record. At on June 17, AJ interfered in a for the WWE Championship between Punk, Bryan and Kane, helping Punk retain his title by distracting Kane.

She credits the condition for giving her the bravery to achieve her goals. She currently serves as his Valet in the independent circuit. She is freakin hysterical No I haven't, to be honest.

Punk and AJ gave one another their vows on June 13, 2014, with both members of the couple reportedly having chosen the date because it was Friday the 13 th, and both are fans of irony and the horror genre. Punk and AJ’s 12-year age gap isn’t exactly indicative of a May-December romance, but nonetheless it created a bizarre circumstance in that AJ Lee has been very open about the fact she absolutely idolized one of her future husband’s ex-girlfriends.

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In November, AJ lost the Queen of FCW title to. In a matter of coincidence, Punk and AJ have since been photographed together at dozens of baseball games, generally in the front row. In her time with the WWE, Massaro had two pretty noteworthy relationships that seemed to create some tension. In hindsight, she says this was a suicide attempt and that the doctors should have sent her to a psych unit. In regards to his love life, Punk has been romantically linked to WWE Diva's in the past.

  1. "No joy in our tired lives, the torment builds inside.
  2. ' Like, '"He's such a douche bag,' and he thought I was the biggest nerd.
  3. I think it got buried in development hell, but I was so excited when Fox optioned an Empire-style nighttime soap set in a suspiciously WWE-like company. I would tell her every stupid thing I ever did, and it's come back to bite me in the ass in certain respects, but there's no secrets, and I'd have it no other way. I'm almost sure I remember her actually speaking highly of her parents too?

    AJ never publicly commented on the matter, but it would probably be a fair assumption to say she generally echoes her husband’s sentiment. AJ quickly lost the championship to Nikki at on November 23, due to a distraction by Brie. AJ turned her affections to Bryan's rival, and WWE title contender. AJ was backstage when Punk entered the fight, and Tweeted earlier in that day that she was “the proudest wife in the world. According to that female comedian, Ziggler is athletic in bed.

    AJ also took her efforts to the Internet by re-tweeting dogs listed for adoption in the various cities she travels to, and her tweets eventually caught the attention of the ASPCA.

    Either due to the fallout of that relationship or simply because they didn’t want any public attention during their dates, Punk and AJ spent a few months together in secrecy before being spotted at a baseball game by fellow wrestler Konnan, who later revealed the two were dating on a series of podcasts. FamousFix content is contributed and edited by our readers. Felt really bad reading about her childhood and her past.

    Punk apparently felt he and the Metal Gear Solid main character had plenty in common, while even Punk’s wife laughed at that notion and told him he “wasn’t cool enough” to compare himself to Snake. Punk being described as an "obsessed" co-worker stuck in the friend zone for a year until he finally wore her down is certainly not the most romantic "how we met" story. Punk even praised him when he left in 2014, I think he's the ultimate all around backstage go to guy besides Taker.

    She retired earlier this year after being caught in the cross-hairs of the ongoing battle between her husband and the WWE. She returned on February 3, saving Bryan from an attack by Big Show. She says Greg (aka Trent Baretta) was her first real boyfriend and that she lost her virginity to him. She started performing as a ("good guy") on the show and WWE adapted her real-life video game fandom to her character. She stayed long enough to get her Mania check.

    Mendez responded that, despite having generated record-selling merchandise and several top- segments, female wrestlers in WWE receive only a fraction of the wages and screen time of their male counterparts. Mendez was diagnosed with in her early twenties. Most of them were there to 'impress the divas'. Most recently, the pair has adopted a dog they named Larry Talbot after the classic horror series, The Wolfman.

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    Punk first wrote the introduction to Avengers vs. Punk had been worried for some time that the health care situation in WWE wasn’t up to par, and his suspicions were personally confirmed when a WWE physician allegedly refused to treat him for a MRSA infection.

    Beginning on September 29, 2007, she wrestled on the New Jersey under the Miss April. Better question - could Kane, Ryback, and Brock combined make it through Tamina? Born April Jeanette Mendez on 19th March, 1987 in Union City, New Jersey, United States, she is famous for Wwe. Bryan blamed AJ for his loss of the World Heavyweight Championship and ended their relationship.

    And other than AJ, basically every woman Ace hired was a model or Hooters waitress. And the other one is I was in the same exact place with AJ 10 years ago and didn't even know because she wasn't famous yet. And then Beth took up with Edge, and then it must have been a goddamn awkward mess that I am sad we don't have video of. And those responsible for posting them are subject to being banned. Angered by her unwanted action, Ziggler ended their relationship.

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