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A live chat representative is standing by to provide assistance. So that we can better assist you, please provide some information about your reason for chatting. Comcast Customer Service is here to provide Help and Support for your. Chat with a Comcast agent to get the fastest answers to all your top questions. Get help from the Customer Forums and the Online Support portal or contact a Comcast Agent by Phone or Online Chat.

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She should have known better than to call our support is not a valid answer to what happened to her. Should she somehow intuitively know when browsing the Comcast site and the "chat with someone live now! Should you decide to continue those channels after the 3 month promo period, That is when it will be charged already and not be offered free. Since all CSR's are required to make sales your point is moot.

In a situation like this all a supervisor is really allowed to do is apologize until you go away and transfer you to retention if you threaten to cancel. Is there a special pricing you can give to me as an existing customer no longer on contract? It is a pleasure to have you on chat! It seems like they are arranged by order of intelligence 1. It's classic Comcast--they give a lot of lip service to improving customer service, but they don't honestly try that hard.

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  1. Below given are the various Xfinity cusomer service numbers, which you can use to contact Xfinity customer service for help on specific departments.
  2. Below is the best way to contact Comcast customer service.
  3. But calling their 1-800-COMCAST residential support is even worse.
  4. I will be the one who can process the order since this is the sales. I work in a similar company (not Comcast or one of their contractors) but we handle the same types of issues. I'll be connecting you with Sales so your request will be accommodated. I've been successful in the past talking intelligently to a CSR that "I see that this is available for $x. I've had the same kind of thing with TWC, after a while it just gets annoying as hell.

    Even hardcore Comcast employees and fanboys should be able to at least admit Comcast failed their customer in this chat. Except for the one that got attitude and hung up on my mom. Fine, you probably have all the info you need from the previous chat, I would like to get this finalized as quick as possible. For an upgrade to a higher package Karen, I would need to connect you to my Sales partner to finalize the upgrade for you.

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    I am trying to double check if I could provide a discount for you. I am waiting for this link. I apologize for the tool latency that we are having. I can see here you wish to add one HDDVR to your service is that right? I can take escalated calls for issues with all 3 products and am still expected to at least make an attempt at sales even if it is to offer information on services they may not of known about.

    • Ok sounds good, I would like to add the HD and DVR $9.
    • Let me get the detailed amount for you Karen.
    • I apologize as well for the wrong information and to compensate I am trying to look for a discount for you.
    • Only an ***** wouldn't realize that it's more logical and quicker.

    This is not rocket science. This is the final step of your order process and I hope you haven't waited so long to be assisted. Those channels are not free and that is not a special deal if I have to pay for them. Us is a directory website, we collect telephone numbers of companies & services and publish it on this website.

    Do I only have those for 3 months as a free addon or is it included in the $5.

    • " box appears she should not choose that option?
    • A month for HD and DVR service upgrade.
    • All the Trademarks, Brands & their logos are properties of their respective owners.
    • Also, I don't think I could ever do a change of service via the chat.
    • And what is the one more good thing?

    Us/ is not affiliated or associated with any of the mentioned companies/services in this website. Wait till the menu options in the IVR is complete. Wanting to ask about upgrades.

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    How much would it be to add HD and DVR? However I can't apply a retention rate if the call is regular sales or billing. I also had a chat about upgrading to blast that I believe went from 2:03 am to 4:26 am. I am sorry that you have been routed to Internet and Phone Department.

    Would I be paying anything extra for the HBO and Starz on top of the $5. Would you happen to know how much my bill would be each month after taxes if I add the $5. Would you like me to connect you now to my Sales partner? Yes that is exactly correct Karen. Yes the first representative was wrong but there was no need to flip your lid over it.

    I spent a long time asking about upgrading to HD and DVR and was quoted $9. I totally understand and I apologize for the inconvenience. I totally understand, no worries, I am trying my best on this. I understand how you feel, Karen just a heads up though, since we will be suing the same tools I am afraid that my supervisor will be informing you about the same last offer we can provide. I understand that you want to upgrade your cable service.

    Since you obviously have Internet service to do the chat, you could have just went to comcast. So the next step up would be the HD digital preferred? Thank you for asking! Thank you for that information. Thank you so much Karen! That is all I know and that is all I want.

    We can all agree that Comcast will not even notice when she switches to AT&T, but we should also be able to agree it will take them more than $6 to replace that customer. We catalog the best ways through tough customer service issues. We may be able to tell you the right questions to ask or things to say. When I am discussing money I want human contact.

    That would be for HD only Kare. That's just how these things are managed and there was no reason to threaten the chat agent with publicizing their chat transcript. The channels are would include your current channels in your package Karen. The next best thing then doing business in person is on the phone. The on-line chat is another example of Comcast's lack of respect for customers.

    Do I need to pick up the receiver?
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    I contacted Comcast about a month or so ago and the young lady quoted me about $6. I did not ask for your explanation, I need to chat with a supervisor. I don't understand what the problem is and why it is taking so long. I have now been connected with you for a half hour with still nothing to show Maiah. I just spent almost two hours now finalizing this entitre order and now you are telling me it is going to be $15. I need to speak to your supervisor.

    Call them over the phone.

    If a price isn't in the data base, it cannot be applied. If it did, don’t forget to share this page with your friends and family! If you're already in a chat conversation with a rep from Comcast and aren't getting anywhere, you might want to have one of our pros take a shot on your behalf.

    When does this start? Which package type do I select from the drop down menu? Will be right back so please stay online. Will be right back so please stay online. Will be right back so please stay online.

    Just a heads up, the channel line up might be subject to change anytime Karen. Karen, I can see here you would like to upgrade your cable services, is that right? Let me now pull-up your account.

    Click on the button below.Comcast wants us customers to use chat and drives us towards it.
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    Get off that attitude of yours and come down to the real world where people interact with each other instead of barking like a dog. HD addon, how much would that be? HD addon, would I have to sign a contract or no? He connected me to get that added. Hour and 45 minutes into the chat she has been transferred to her 4th person and they then tell her it will be 15. How much more patient should they have been?

    No need to sign any contract no worries. No worries, Comcast can indeed ship it to you. One more good thing Karen! Please include your IP address in your email. Please standby as I get you the link Karen. Pretty typical responses when speaking with a Convergys rep.

    Many users (me included) prefer to use chat customer service -- I think it's a great idea. May I have your account number so I can pull up the accurate information for you? Maybe you meant to type $5. Monthly if you add the 5. Monthly if you add the 5. Next time, pick up a phone and save yourself the headache.

    • And when you say "many more," I would like to know specifically what channels.
    • And you Comcast reps in here telling her it was her fault should at least have enough respect for your customers to read the whole transcript.
    • Below given are the links to Xfinity social profiles, you can try contacting them using the power of social media.

    You are most welcome Karen! You can either take the upgrade or leave it. You got very polite service in my opinion. You must be out of your mind!

    You would be able to get HD HBO, HD, Starz, HD TMC and many more Karen. You'd get an apology that the first rep gave you incorrect information, assurance that the representative would be coached on the correct rates, and a restatement of what the actual rates for your market are.

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