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It's not loading for me on Chrome/Firefox/IE. Anyone else having issues or potential fixes? I've been trying to contact newegg live chat all day today and have been getting a blank page that says open on it.

Don't ever order anything from this company, they change the rules as they go in order to benefit themselves and have no care for the customer whatsoever.During Newegg’s regular business hours, customer service representatives will be available to chat.

The Messenger option on Newegg’s Facebook page. The Motherboard manual shows the contents that should be in the box and the G Connector is missing from it. The geighness was moderately funny. The hardest part of the job for me (when I first started) was taking everything that I learned in class training and applying it to a phone call with a customer. The next day, I go to my bank and find that there's a charge on my account.

I was advised to call my bank to have them allow the transaction. I would to look into this for you to see if there is anything we can assist with, may I have you email us at wecare@newegg. I'm saddened to hear that you have no received any proper responses, I would like to look into the situation further for you.

My credit card info was 100% proper. My disgust and shock when I received the laptop back. My sig just makes me a true booger eater and not a child.

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Com with your order information so I may look into this further.Copyright © 2017 Consumers Unified LLC.Customer service treats you like garbage and then when you call them out on it, you get a measly 20 bucks as if that's the magic wand to fix the problem. Do not buy from them.
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Hi, the retail box doesn't look too good. However, after that nothing from the company. I am fine with that as long as it is working.

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They contact me two and a half weeks later saying they are not responsible for any damages goods that I got and to contact the manufacturer. They elevated the issue and said they would handle if we did not hear anything for 2-3days. They send me a bad CPU Processor, I ask for a replacement, they then say this isn't the processor they sent, the serial #'s don't match.

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Our community is ready to answer. Peggy gave me the usual generic (copy and pasted responses) answers to my questions. Please send us an email at wecare@newegg. Says they aren't the seller (Datavision? Secondly, they took the money and THEN informed the customer. See the for more information. Send it, and any other additional information to.

I bought 3 Philips DiamondClean toothbrushes on Newegg. I bought a laptop from Newegg worth $2,100 and they sent it to my address (after I paid 2 day express shipping) through FedEx. I called the customer service line and asked that they change the shipping address, because it was going to my billing address and was informed it was already in the warehouse and nothing could be changed, except for canceling the order and then having to wait to be refunded before ordering again.

If Newegg does not want my money. If all goes according to Newegg's plan, I will hopefully get the computer I bought on July 24th a full month later in late August. If so, please email us at wecare@newegg. If there is another order you are referring to that you can provide an order number to? If you need any more assistance, please send us an email at wecare@newegg.

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Not such a good deal AT ALL. Not wanting to waste any more time, I ask the CSR if he can confirm whether or not the offer is valid, because if it's not, I don't want Premier. Now I have to spend even more to get good parts from a TRUSTWORTHY company. Now I think the product I'm trying to buy is out of stock. Now we are stuck with a broken compressor. One order, one shipping method.

Never updates and lasts for hours. Newegg agreed to return all money back after they proposed to send only 85% money since the packaged were opened. Newegg typically responds within an hour on Messenger, according to the company’s Facebook page.

We are all dumber now for reading that. We assemble the computer and it doesn't work. We called Newegg and they said they would contact the Marketplace seller (who was Elite tools) on our behalf. We catalog the best ways through tough customer service issues. We had purchased it on a gift card and since we have done business with them for several years with no issue, the gift card was discarded as it was not reloadable. We may be able to tell you the right questions to ask or things to say.

Edit: After claiming they fixed this issue I received an email stating the previous, claiming it will be returned, was an error.

Stars: Average – acceptable experience but with some friction. Subreddit:aww site:imgur. Sunday I open Newegg's website and see I have 11 things in my cart and no open orders.

Get them two days after what they told me. Getting the same thing right now. Have not had to return anything to them.

  1. Before this happened, I placed an order for a bunch of items, one being a SSD, that wasn't in any of the boxes they shipped me.
  2. Bought many many times from them for over 10 years.
  3. Called 3 times and they said they would get back to me.
  4. Called Newegg and explained the problem that it had been two weeks and still no refund to my account.
  5. Called Newegg back and was told the prior rep gave me misinformation.
  6. I preordered a CPU motherboard within an hour of the item being made available for preorder, yet on the day of release they did not have enough to cover the pre-orders. I probably will never order anything from them. I purchased a watch on on June 20, 2017 and returned to watch to the seller on June 21, 2017. I see the company was sold to a Chinese company in late 2016 so I guess we now get Chinese service.

    • " I found it on my own (with no problem).
    • " That was some time ago.
    • ' I guess the executives at Newegg see a different world than the reality of dealing with Newegg.
    • (they refuse to let email, or chat) The two websites confuse every customer, they are the same!
    • A couple of weeks after I got my stuff I tried to log in to my account and it was SUSPENDED!
    • Orders include shipping & taxes, etc.
    • Paid over $1000 on 'new' computer parts.

    I eventually got through to Darren and immediately asked for a supervisor and reluctantly he was finally able to get me a supervisor called Peggy. I go to my account overview to check and see if the membership had been applied and there was just a bug, but nope! I had it less than 24 hours I am not sure if they made the mistake or I did but regardless they can easily resell. I have NEVER been so irritated in a customer service interaction in my entire life.

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    • After receiving no assistance from the customer service rep, I spoke with the most unreasonable and ignorant supervisor.
    • An agent told these are returned items, and people forgot to change the package when in warehouse.
    • And they are already out of stock and company have limit 1 card per 48 hours now.
    • And we are unable to provide an estimate.
    • And when i was finally able to reach them it was too late.

    I show him a screenshot of the charge (with important personal details censored out) and he STILL denies it. I talked to the IT guy and we went to Fry’s and just picked up the parts. I thought web stores were supposed to get rid of the brick & mortar-- NO WAY! I tried to work this issue thru Newegg and they pointed me to Beach Audio. I wanted to choke them through the screen.

    In my case it was a Ubiquiti bullet camera. In refund + a waste of time and gas. It took half a week for the returned items go back to Newegg, another half week for they inspect the returned item before the refund issued. It was an, and now the company is joining the chat revolution.

    I have unsubscribed from all promotions and will not be a return customer. I haven't lost my faculties, I hope! I live 2 hours from the warehouse in Indianapolis where both items shipped from. I must mention that each phone call or chat we make we spend at least 30 minutes and there have been at least 4 or 5 now. I open up a customer support panel and let them know what's going on. I ordered a 3 spy point trail cams from this company. I ordered a product from Newegg for the 2nd time.

    1. Check tracking again and it says one of my items is already at the local facility and the other hasnt moved from Indy.
    2. Com exclusively for new computer builds but will no longer.
    3. Com if there is anything more we can do.
    4. When it restarted the entire screen had streaks jetting across it that resembled the warp drive special effects from Star Trek. When the second 3 toothbrushes arrived, I found they have all been fully charge, while Philips told me these items need 24-48 hours charging before use, so there shouldn't be any power. When we opened the box the compressor had notably been dropped during shipping because the outside housing is cracked and the engine itself now sits crooked.

      Talk about awesome service. Thank you for writing this review and I am sorry to hear about your shipping experience. Thanks again to reporting this. That changed to do a check which we never received. That was totaly retarted. That's where this should have ended, but no.

      This method is geared towards our customers who aren’t ordering under a time constraint and are looking to save money on shipping. To date I am still waiting for the credit back to my Newegg account. Upon opening the inner boxes it had signs of tampering with. Use the following search parameters to narrow your results: subreddit: subreddit find submissions in "subreddit" author: username find submissions by "username" site: example. We are all dumber now for reading that.

      We plugged it in and allowed it to charge for the afternoon. We simply had to wait for the claim to close so we could send out the replacement. We then turned it off and put it back in the original packaging we received it in (including the handy laptop bubble casing).

      Why Lauren didn't just do that is unknown to me. You can have a $15 credit to our website. You know, there is an emoticon that looks slightly like a cute smiley sticking its tongue out!

      Its now 3 days later(Friday) and i get just the case. Junk mail and all. Just a bad place to be overall. Marie is the worst and gives you attitude when you are simply trying to resolve your issue. Maybe they just took my word for it after noticing that I had spent about $800 with them a week prior?

      She basically said, tough luck. So I called and chatted online to Newegg a 2nd time to customer service. So I lose access to my wish list and order history. So the product finally made it to the USA and thru customs on 8/11/17. So, Monday morning I call and I'm told it takes TWENTY-FOUR HOURS to be reviewed by verification and that they don't even call, they send an email telling me I can replace my order. Sooo the good deal you think you are getting is only good for thirty days from Newegg.

      The price has gone up on the item so now they want me to send the damaged memory back to them at my cost for a refund. The printer was dead-on-arrival. The young man unblocked my account and said to reorder the gift card. Then click on "Newegg only" and you'll see the same mice for $75-$125. There were also factual details she could not read regarding the tracking details.

      I can count on the fingers of one hand how many times my envelope did not reach the intended recipient. I did not know about the restocking fee it must have been tiny tiny print. I did receive a message from her the next day saying things had been done but if I needed to follow up, I could just start all over again in the chat room as she was away for three days. I did some online chat since they weren't open.

      1. Anyway, when I called back fortunately Shay answered the phone and was able to process the return.
      2. As I reviewed the order, I see that there was a claim submitted for the damaged item and the carrier blocked as you have asked.
      3. Ask a question about working or interviewing at NewEgg.
      4. Based on 34 reviews 5 stars 4 stars 3 stars 2 stars 1 star Ratings by category Work/Life Balance 3.
      5. I paid to have my order delivered overnight but becuase of the numerous order confirmation steps (phone calls etc. I placed the order and later that afternoon, I received an email saying my order was on hold. I planned to subscribe and buy my PC now instead of waiting since the extra $100 would leave me enough in my bank account to be comfortable for the rest of the week until payday.

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