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Contact PlayStation customer support service for hardware, software and account management solutions. PS4 · PS4 Pro · PS4 Games · PS4 Accessories · PlayStation® Plus. If you can't find answers here, try our live chat, forum, or give us a call! Find out how and when you can get in touch with us via Live Chat. Support-hub-select-a-category.

They told me I should have an email with details and nope no email. This costs $20 a month for a very basic service, that seems unnecessary and unfair. This guy seemed like he had no clue and i'm almost positive i'll need to call in Monday. This may be the most anti-consumer tech company out there, and that's saying a lot. Tons of people couldn't even get NMS refunded, even with the media shitstorm. Tons of people couldn't even get NMS refunded, even with the media shitstorm.

Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness. Overall I really enjoy this product and I would definitely choose Playstation products over other brand products because of its quality performance. Pre orders should be allowed to be cancelled too. Since when is cancelling a pre-order a "good gesture?

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Digital refunds within an hour of play (and fair use. Do not submit or questions which can be easily searched or googled. Does it take you straight to the blue screen or does it start loading the chat screen? Enclosed are pictures of my paid or internet speed and a picture of the ps4's home screen.

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In fact, Sony plans on only supporting PlayStation 4 and PC for PlayStation Now going forward. It isnt really that simple because what "working smoothly" is can be very subjective when it comes to software. It seems they care about the customer's money more than the customer.

The account will be banned until the $20 debt is paid". The customer service employees seem like they do not care about their member even though they support their business with their money. Their response was to cancel my son's year subscription without any explanation. Then, I found their email address in which I send them the pictures with the error messages but they won't reply back. They also not only help with ps4 problems but also ps3 and ps vita!

I called Sony PlayStation customer support and explain to them that I purchased the best versions of the game and updates and they weren't cheap. I concur with many of the reviews on this site. I guess that's the end of it, which is funny considering every other country allows you to cancel it before it releases, Apparently US consumer protection is fucking shit. I have the 200 mbps internet.

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I'm not asking for much, I just would like to be able to still play my game. I've never been the kind of person that buys games on the digital format, somehow I have always preferred to have the physical disc, however yesterday after trying the Uncharted and Uncharted 2 games I decided that I liked them enough to get a copy of them as well as a copy of Uncharted 3. I've never had to even call MS customer service, called Sony Customer Service day one!

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  • About a month ago SONY started charging things to my PAYPAL credit account and then they switched over to just withdrawing funds from my bank balance.

Now I have a case number with me and I fucking doubt they'll be attempting to give this to me. Now I'm sitting here with the new PS4 and nothing to do with it. On, the company announced plans to end PlayStation Now services for PlayStation 3, Vita and other devices on August 15. Only hope that some government agency gives them what they deserve for being con artists and cheats.

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  1. All customer services suck except for Amazon.
  2. All customer services suck except for Amazon.
  3. All customer services suck except for Amazon.
  4. And that I would like them to either reimburse me so I could re-purchase the same games on the new PS4 so I can continue to play my game and they refuse.
  5. And when requested for the information on when it was done and by whom I was offered, nothing.Anyway, Sony are a pile of shit lately.

    Might finally be enough to push to the other side, hello Microsoft. My account is worth well over $25,000 with digital PS3 games/PS4 games/and movies/shows. My kids have been long time members of the PSN and we have never had any problems. My service was very nice telling me what they could do to resolve the issue but at the end of the day, there were some things out of their control. My son signed up for 1 year online gaming at the same time. Nope they can't do that either.

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    When I called Sony they could only say terms agreement violation and gave me no direct reason. When I called back representative Mario was very rude and addresses me as "lady. When Microsoft unveiled the XBOX ONE X, I decided I definitely wanted to play these one XBOX ONE X, instead of PS4 Pro. When he ignores you or doesn't respond. Which again makes no fucking sense. Within a day of creating my account, my information was stolen and my PayPal account had money taken from it.

    As long as he is made primary on the same console as the accounts trying to access the content, there should be no issue.As much money as I got into all this Sony is trash.As that's no longer a thing anymore.

    Try putting in your information and put a random PSN ID. Used it for the month and that was that. We don't have a membership and aren't exactly so well off or that big of gamers to have a subscription service. We need to pay more money monthly to play?

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    I searched the forums and other link of "customer support" under the playstation network site only to find that there is no a single thing that could relate to it. I then asked to speak with a manager because I was lied to not once but 3 times. I think this has reached a point somebody should start a GoFundMe for one lawyer willing to fight this anti-consumer customer service and take it to the court.

    Jose: Chat support will work tomorrow USER. Jose: I can't find this error code USER could you please double check it? Jose: I see USER, I'd be happy to look into this for you today. LMAO dude, this is either a massive glitch or a different topic for a thread that needs attention. MS customer service has been pretty good of late. Make sure anything you buy is from a store if you are going to use a PlayStation.

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    By using Twitter’s services you agree to our and outside the EU. Can we ask a manager since I can provide you with proof that it's never been played and cannot be played bc I don't have a PS+ account? Com makes no representation as to the accuracy of the information herein provided and assumes no liability for any damages or loss arising from the use thereof. Copyright © 2017 Consumers Unified LLC.

    Some days I would get 20 email's from them. Something went wrong, mind trying again? Sony, however, had the RUDEST customer service I have EVER encountered (I am using capitalization to describe how terrible it was).

    • " As I was not rude to him, I'm a psychologist, I know how to control my temper in a hostile situation.
    • "After thoughtful consideration, we decided to shift our focus and resources to PS4 and Windows PC.

    First they tried "dumbing it down" for me (the reps exact words) as to how IP addresses worked and that my service provider didn't know what they were talking about. Follow Me: vine://user/1093213711386251264 Xbox 360: Im NellyNel 713 PS4: Nelly-Nel_713 SUB & LIKE-> YT: youtube. For a months access on PS+ and play the game. He might have but I was honestly waiting like 5-10 mins between responses. How can they just basically steal your games.

    We no longer offer refunds on pre-orders. We really need to do something about all of these scams. What if someone gets incredibly sick every time they play a game? Whatever the reason, mine got banned, so I had been in contact with both my internet provider and Sony. When I asked if he was kidding he said, "Nope, that's the only advice I have for you.

    They are literally treating us like shit. They basically stole the ten dollars and I'm gonna find a way to do something about this. They block customers for accessing their support chat.

    • It's against the law to withhold information from a parent.
    • No refunds on preorders is borderline scam territory.
    • Steam's refund policy is pretty shit too.
    • You: You can't add the code on your end?

    I hear some pretty self entitled stories from gamers, but I think these are basic rights. I never abuse them, but they always fix their mistakes, even if it is no fault of their own. I purchased something on the online store with a misleading description. I recently saw that RIGS is actually cheaper on PSN than it is here locally. I replied kindly with "I agree but not for a faulty broken game I'll contact credit card company.

    I also think it is absolutely outrageous that the PlayStation Network can just ban or suspend anyone's account for no reason even though the player already paid of an entire year to play online and purchase pre-order games in the PlayStation Store. I ask Josh the manager when was bug infected put in his note. I buy GTA4 for the PC and the game runs like ass.

    Anyways, the guy on the customers service guy told me that the PlayStation Network always 100% makes appropriate decisions when suspending or banning people's account.Apparently deceptive is the key for Sony to sell stuff that probably nobody would normally buy and after you as customer pay then you are nothing to them anymore, their customer service is a joke and they should be forced to give people what they offer.April 3rd, 2017 Sony sent me a box to mail the PS4 back.

    So I'm out $40 and have a game that can't be played? So if they have a policy of no cancellations for pre-order that's a bit of a joke considering they're giving me a refund on South Park because it got delayed. So why is it ok Playstation can just ban someone without proof or details? So, I hope that in the near future that Sony PlayStation network will once again get hacked by a group of hackers and lose millions of dollars and possible go out of business.

    If it wasn't for my money, they wouldn't have jobs. If they take this away at least give me a reason! If you want to make a troll leave his own thread, ask him for his GT.

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    They blocked my PSN ID on their web chat service after I got a refund for No Man's Sky. They stated I would receive an email in 3 days and it's been 5 days. They suggested I make a new account and pay for another membership and disregard the one I just bought. They tell me "oh I see you got a refund for No Man's Sky as a one time gesture of good will. They tell you up front no refunds on pre-orders I'm not sure what's baffling.

    Asked if they can transfer my membership to a new account.Be very careful with account hackers since Sony won't take responsibility for anyone's account being abused even though their personal systems are always down and that leaves open doors for hackers to get what they want!

    Sorry to know that Finn. Steam's refund policy is pretty shit too. TLDR: Sony servers messed up, nothing Sony can do, rep didn't even know their own error code. Thank you blessed Steam refunds policy. Thank you for the info. That includes PlayStation TV, Sony Bravia TVs from 2013 to 2015, Sony Blu-ray players and Samsung TVs. The PlayStation Network and SONY deserve to lose millions of dollars for unethical decisions like this.

    Finally, I asked to speak to a manager or supervisor who told me SONY had BLOCKED my account and would not unblock it (after telling me it was not them and it was my service) and that I needed to "figure it out on my own" and that they would not be refunding me any money. Finally, I put a stop payment on my credit card since Sony wouldn't stop charging me.

    I think this is the nail in the coffin, never buying anything digital off these fuckers besides digital only games again. I think you should be able to cancel any preorder anytime without any hassles. I though you could cancel pre orders? I thought it was a full version of a game.

    I want answer and I also want address to write written complaints to as they told me there isn't a place to do that. I wasn't 100% sure I would get my money back so I asked him to tell me why a request like this would get denied and he said he doesn't know because the billing department handles that. I will not give in to their ways they will learn with me that they will lose more money by treating me so bad.

    1. Additionally, I got charged again the next month.
    2. Adult gaming time is very rare in this household.
    3. After receiving an email from my provider, I then called the customer service line because the online chats were no help whatsoever.
    4. You can scroll down to PlayStation Network and click on (past issue check) when you get to that next page it will have a list of the same thing for every day and the same reported problem (sign in) since the day the system came out. You should make a thread about that. You: I was also told that only you guys on your end can unlock the account for me i've waited 2 hours and it's still giving the same error code.

      Because I'm not even seeing the chat bubble appear under the site before I even log in. Bought a game from PSN store.

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