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My phone records show that I was using the phone at that time, so all I can assume is that I accidentally pressed some keys that kicked off the process. My provider is Telstra and I have no relationship with airG. Not sure if it's been mentioned in this thread, but I did noticed that the Reddit app I use on Android serves ads for this service. Now I just rang the number given upthread and cancelled, but they not offer refund for services not given.

So from their end it looks fishy too. So many things are wrong with this so called app. So we are getting Duped by someone.

Contact airG Customer Care at Toll Free 1-800-235-437 and provide your mobile number for refund request. Edit 3: Well, it seems as if no one here is listening to me so I guess the only option that I can think of to resolve this is to cancel my sprint contract and move to another carrier. Explain the story, and magically once you tell them the TIO number, you account will be refunded and the susbscription cancelled.

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I wonder because in another thread a person identifying themselves as being from AirG seems to make a link to Optus. I wonder how many more trigger these stealth charges. I'm holding off on contacting the ACCC until I've heard from ACMA, but I intend to keep digging. IT TOOK ME 30 MINUTES WITH TELSTRA REPS TO FIND OUT, AND THEY STILL COULDN'T TELL ME. If they don't reply suitably lodge a claim with the TIO and then you should get someone helpful at Telstra.

And the time of each charge coming in between 1.As a prepaid customer Telstra in Australia seems unable, or reluctant to deal with me, so I'm curious to find out what happpens with TIO behind me.BUT I TURN OFF BILLING FOR DAYS I DON'T WORK – GOTTA SAVE THE DOSH!

You are currently subscribed to airG chat for $0. You can refresh airMail messages when you swipe down. You can sign up for AirG through your cell phone network or online. You will have a greater chance at someone being familiar with the laws of your area. Your account is automatically deleted.

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  • I was lucky to have my money refunded.
  • I then called up the TIO who gave me special Telstra complaints number to call 1800001398 who sorted everything out once they heard I'd complained to the TIO.
  • AirG don't do refunds – according to the AirG CSR I spoke to at least.
  • Today I asked if they can tell me what app or website is subscribing me to their services – they said either someone is using your mobile (which there is no one else) or someone is subscribing on my behalf via the airg.
  • And it told me that I had been logged out because I had signed in from a different phone.
Also, given that my phone at the time was a Sony Ericsson W508 with Telstra customisation, can you please describe the application/s and/or URLs that I would have had to access to subscribe to your service?

I hope you all will also refuse to pay for these bogus charges, lay formal complaints, write to the aforementioned bodies and press for Telstra to show more care about how they open us up to financial risk. I just made an account using the password I always use and now it's not even letting me in. I just spent an hour on the phone to Telstra, got transferred 4 times (twice to India, once to New Zealand and once to somewhere in Australia) and have no solution.

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Get the Compaint number eg. He said again because airG is 3rd party that he couldn't refund the charges either, but did agree to reverse the data charges I'd incurred trying to get rid of it, as guided by Telstra/BigPond. Hi Warmhamster, I'm curious if you succeeded in getting your money back? Hmmmmmm, despite my rantings here, I've been totally polite and reasonable with all customer service operators. How can this be legal? How long have you been charged?

If we can determine the delay, we may be able to build a case using examples like yours which give you "an alibi" during that window. If your post is an update to a previous post, please use [Update] in the subject line, and include a link to your previous post. In addition AirG would require personal identifying details, which would mean that they would have more information about me than they currently have.

I also found this on the telstra web-site. I also have a business phone, and have had to advise management of this issue. I am astounded that it only took five minutes and the problem was actually sorted by the first person i spoke to. I am hoping a trip to the Telstra shop will prove more fruitful.

For those still watching this thread, have you seen any charges recur since the issue was resolved? For us, it’s fraud,” she said. For what it shows on my telstra internet billing it looks like they bill 2 days behind, you may still be lucky that it is canceled, maybe wait a couple more days with your fingers crossed. From the TIO site. Funny how he knew all my details too. Get myself a new SIM card from another phone service provider, certainly not Telliesstra.

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Call back and get somebody else.Com and then look for a sign that says sign up.Com than it says sign up than you click that and you do what it tells you to do.
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She never clicked on anything, never received a confirmation SMS or email, has no login details etc. She said she would call back the following day. She was pretty salty whenever I suggested that I didn't in any way agree to this service, and became very short with me. She's always assumed the "Transaction Charges" were mobile phone repayments. So I need to cancel it through the third party.

Please ensure that my mobile number is permanently unsubscribed from this and any other of your services and that I am not charged for this service. Please note this is an automated message. Provided me with a web site corp. Rang the TIO, got the reference number, then rang the special Telstra number and they gave me a $200 credit. Said that unless I could give her the phone number from which the SMS had been sent, she could not help.

I appreciate you are doing your best to assist, but it's been going on for years now. I asked her how I would know the outcome of her manager's inquiry, & she just came back with the same damn canned-response. I attempted to reply to the message with "STOP" but such a message could not be sent.

This is the reply I received after emailing airgamer support, certainly won't be giving them any of the details they want – told them I will be seeking legal advice first thing tomorrow morning as I have not subscribed to this service nor given them any of the details in the past that they want! This number, attached to your AirG account, is the only way the service is able to remind you of your password. To me as a Telstra customer I have no concern who airG is.

Thank you KarenC and the cute girl from telstra. Thanks for your question. That didn't help anyone else though. The TIO Systemic Issues process does not allow for any mechanism to receive updates or make submissions. The app doesn't have any search functions that are helpful. The billing confirmation message was in relation to Gamers Chat and Divas Chat products on Telstra’s mobile web portal. The charges are only every Friday in the last three weeks.

Just call them mate, took me 5 minutes to do and all you need to provide them is your phone number. Let's hope he was right. Maybe just check on the phone if it's installed by default, under Menu sometimes it's in it's own folder called MfE but more commonly found in Installations labeled Mail for Exchange. My daughter has been caught with this as well.

To put a stop to the charges they put me onto tech support who barred the subscription. To you within 5 business days. Use the following search parameters to narrow your results: subreddit: subreddit find submissions in "subreddit" author: username find submissions by "username" site: example. When I have some time, I hope to make a submission to them about this matter. Will TIO take this matter seriously?

I was reading posts from this thread to the CSO while they were dealing with my complaint. I was really happy with how she resolved the whole thing so I agreed to my complaint being closed, but she did say it would still be escalated. I was unsubscribed and given a full refund.

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I too got trapped into airG via bigpond interface on a Nokia mobile, screen too small read and I let it go 'cos it said for 24 hours. I tried to unsubscribe but obviously could not as I didn't have a username. I was also told that if I had concerns about how a regulator conducted themselves, I should contact the Commonwealth Ombudsman. I was followed around by one of the administrators of the chat room and told that I had disrespected a girl on there cause she had shot me down.

The charges are still ongoing for some customers. The instructions were, click My Place, Click Bigpond Home, Click Games, Click Gamers Chat, Click Options, Click unsubscribe. The lady at Telstra did say that AirG have to lodge the request to Tesltra/Bigpond for a Refund, but as they guy wasn't interested. The operator I spoke too has had a couple of calls before me, and has realised there is an issue, therefore applied a disbute with the provider on my account.

In the last 4 telstra mobile phone bills that I have got each of them had an air g divas bill included, & each time I have rung telstra and have been told the same thing to contact air g divas, (WHO HAVE NO RECORD OF ME EVER SUBSCRIBING TO THEM AT ALL)Which i have, only to be told the problem is with my phone provider. Interestingly, it said that the last user to sign in was "MaSiGeL-4lyf" or something like that.

The person on the end of the line seemed to question my name because I think the account was started & being used by the person who had the phone number previous. The same routine, "we're very sorry for the inconvenience. The third party service provider then sends the customer a reminder message every week that includes details of the costs and on how to opt out.

It is likely that the people in this discussion forum are just a small percentage of the population affected by this issue and as I saw posts continue to appear here, I realised that this was an issue that wasn't going to go away. It should be noted that unsolicited text messaging and unsolicited subscriptions to premium mobile services may be a violation of Australian law. It sits in my pocket during the day, or by my head at night.

Commonwealth Ombudsman are determining if they can investigate my complaint about ACMA. Contact Telstra (and leave a message).

They just refer me to the AirG customer support number (1800235437) who also refuse to refund charges. They never seem to send the 'welcome' SMS like they claim they do though. They reimbursed me for 6 months. They then need to click the link “Subscription Management” --> “Cancel Subscription” for the service they wish to unsubscribe from. This has happened on my husbands phone and working 13 hour days starting at 6am what else would a normal person be doing at that hour?

In the end, he gave me the airG phone number. In the event that my above demands are not met I shall be contacting the relevant consumer protection and telecommunications authorities and reserve the right to commence legal action against your company and any related entities.

Now that I check yes I've been paying sometimes twice a day on my last bill. Now their sitting back watching this thread laughing, Screw you too buddy! Oh, it's there on the actual login page from the gamerschat page. Other than the obvious answer, from Telstra! Please do not request to be contacted or offer to contact over PM.

Will find out later today (4. Wonder how much money Telstra and their AirG partner in crime have made off unsuspecting people like myself. Would you be able to give me the email address or fax etc that you used to submit the letter above. Yes, a Class Action against Telstra what a fabulous idea! You are also welcome to send me a private message and I will look into the charges from your mobile phone and provide clarity to your situation.

The whole process appears to be completely separate from the public making the complaint, which means that if a group of customers identifies a problem, there is no way for the collective to raise that issue or follow up on their submission. There was no way to initiate the airG services directly from the device that I could see. They all refer to each other with the customer running around trying to get any sensible response. They do actually seem to be taking this seriously (now).

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I never received the original SMS from Telstra, unless I somehow did some awful combination of screen touches while my phone was erroneously unlocked in my pocket, I never signed up for any services or received notification that I had done so. I remember when this site was fun & I had met some pretty cool people on it. I spoke to Bigpond who were not only rude but also ignorant of the issue. I then re-contacted the TIO and advised them of the progress.

So what do we all have in common? So-called "Premium SMS" services. Subreddit:aww site:imgur. Telling me all lines were busy, and that same message was repeated for over 35 minutes. Telstra apologises for this inconvenience as this is not the level of service we strive to provide. Telstra compensated customers with two days of “free data”, although its network delivered a on the second occasion. Telstra has put a barring on premium services for my phone.

I even signed up using facebook and I know it's the correct password but it's not letting me in. I gave them the service provider and number and told them as i didn't subscribe you do not need my name. I got my last bill and it came up as 'Divas Chat' Telstra refunded those fees right away. I have a high enough data bill from the exchange push mail, this extra junk doesn't look good. I have asked Telstra to guarantee that this type of thing will never happen again (yes.

Back in January I had a similar experience with ‘third party’ purchases on my Telstra mobile bill.Because unlike some people i do not have unlimited amount of $$$ that i can afford to waste.C a day for every day of the billing month.
  1. AirG are legally obliged to refund the charges under Part 5 of the Trade Practices Act (Section 64.
  2. AirG will then send a text with your AirG password and login to your phone.
  3. Als je op de website klikt of op de website navigeert, ga je ermee akkoord dat we op en buiten Facebook informatie verzamelen via cookies.
  4. I have just been charged by Telstra for the airG service. I have questioned this with Telstra & they cannot explain. I have stumbled across this page while trying to find out what Divas Chat was. I haven't seen any more premium charges since calling AirG and TIO/Telstra escalation. I heard you have to go to bigpond.

    I can't believe what a huge sense of relief I felt when not finding a new airG gamer chat charge for today. I can't get to the games section either. I couldn't speak to a supervisor, no one is allowed to call back customers. I did tell Telstra I didn't think it would work, but they were adamant it would stop it. I did that but it didn't stop the charges.

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