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Beginners' meetings are an important part of our Al-Anon Family Groups. Formats for these meetings range from one to six weeks; this is up. Our group shares the reading of the meeting format.

Includes Meeting Format, as well as ideas and information to encourage group unity. Includes the World Service Office Annual Report. Information for Human Resources and Employee Assistance Professionals.

Letting your group know about The Forum. Letting your group know about The Forum. Many Al-Ateen groups meet at the same time and location as an Al-Anon group. Many who come to Al-Anon/Al-Ateen are in despair, feeling hopeless, unable to believe that things can ever change. Meetings in which the discussion focuses on one or more of the twelve steps of AL-ANON. Meetings where the discussion focuses on adults whose lives have been affected by the drinking of a parent or other caretaker.

Tradition, or topic of their choice, up to 20 minutes. Traditions, as they are used to carry the message in a way “pioneered by A. Type ‘workshops’ to find all Workshop materials. Until we get our own 12 and 12 out, I would be in favor of reading AAs literature.

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The Pioneers" (AV-24) to share at meetings, workshops, conferences, conventions, or assemblies. The Pioneers" (AV-24) to share at meetings, workshops, conferences, conventions, or assemblies. The Traditions can be downloaded from the FWS Website (slaafws.

If you do not have a PDF reader to view the documents, for a free download. In light of this tradition, any group could chose to use either AA or SLAA traditions. In the newer book, or on page 380 in the older book.

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We do this with the use of the Al-Anon tools of the program (steps, slogans, literature) which will be provided to you. We introduced the book as an AA publication and explained that we were using it because S. We react to the alcoholic’s behavior.

Alateen meetings are AL-ANON meetings meant specifically for discussions by teenagers who have been affected by someone else's drinking. Alcoholism is widely recognized as a disease of compulsive drinking, which can be arrested, but not cured. Although a separate entity, we should always cooperate with Alcoholics Anonymous. Although they are only suggestion, Al-Anon’s unity and perhaps even it’s survival are dependent on adherence to these principals.

  • (Chairperson reads the Anonymity Statement.
  • Al-Anon Family Groups is a spiritual fellowship, not a religious one.
  • Suggested Al-Anon/Alateen Closing.
  • Most groups have expenses and pass a basket for voluntary contributions.

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Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it. Detachment can help us look at our situation realistically and objectively. Detachment can help us look at our situation realistically and objectively. Do I have to say anything at a meeting? Does not have its own writings on the Traditions.

Strength and hope for friends and families of problem drinkers. T14:22:51+00:00 February 8, 2017 Comments Off on What is the Al-Anon or Alateen meeting format and what do members talk about at meetings? The Al-Anon Family Group Headquarters, Inc. The Al-Anon Family Groups are a fellowship of relatives and friends of alcoholics who share their experience, strength, and hope in order to solve their common problems.

  1. (This is an interactive PDF form).
  2. A "How-To-Do-It" Service Tool for Public Outreach Activities.
  3. A newsletter can be a key source of information, unity and harmony for a district, area, or information service.
  4. About Al-Anon literature, how it is developed from members' shared experiences, and the importance of using it exclusively at Al-Anon/Alateen meetings.
  5. As a group, they have no other affiliation. As the person who orders literature for your Al-Anon group, you have an exciting opportunity to bring the treasury of Conference Approved Literature (CAL) and other Al-Anon material to each person seeking recovery in Al-Anon. At this meeting we have 4 minute shares. Before recovery can take place, an environment of trust and safety must exist. Before selecting a sponsor, you may want to read Al-Anon conference approved literature on sponsorship.

    You can even use non-conference approved material, as long as you state it as such. You will meet others who share your feelings and frustrations, if not your exact situation.

    1. "Would the timekeeper like to share first?
    2. (P-46) World Service Conference Summary [, ] Reports and recovery stories from Al-Anon's annual Conference, held to ensure worldwide service and unity.
    3. However, on a more practical level, and if we are strictly talking about just the list of the twelve traditions, it can be easily downloaded from the English page of the SLAA Website, page in which you will find the seven core documents (://slaafws. I also think that any materials that promote recovery within us should be utilized. If someone doesn’t have a computer, they can also be found on pages 122 and 123 of the Basic Text.

      People who would like to attend an open AL-ANON meeting are encouraged to seek out meetings that are open to the public The meeting schedule on this web site lists several in the State of Connecticut that have chosen to operate as open AL-ANON meetings. Preparing for a meeting, whether it is telling your own story or researching the vast treasure of Al-Anon literature and materials, stimulates growth and self confidence. Questions designed to help you decide whether or not you need Alateen.

      Various methods for taking a group inventory are described. We can become as addicted to the alcoholic, as the alcoholic is to alcohol. We come together to learn a better way of life, to find happiness whether the alcoholic is still drinking or not. We do this by practicing the Twelve Steps, by welcoming and giving comfort to families of alcoholics, and by giving understanding and encouragement to the alcoholic.

      Al-Anon and Alateen resources in the judicial system.

      Instructions for filling out GR-1 form. It is your choice to speak or not during the meetings. It takes courage to write with complete honesty - but finding that courage is a step forward toward recovery, for you as well as for those who read your sharing.

      We substitute such words as ‘our addiction’ or ‘sex and love addiction’ for the direct references to alcoholism in those books. We urge you to try our program. Without such spiritual help, living with an alcoholic is too much for most of us. Would anyone like a telephone number? You can download a free copy of. You can download a free copy of.

      Each week, a different member chairs the meeting on a different subject. Even if uncertain that a relative or friend’s drinking is causing them stress and despair, people attending Al-Anon or Al-Ateen meetings will acquire information about alcoholism or alcohol abuse as an illness and its impact on the nondrinker. Every group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.

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      Al-Anon/ Al-Ateen is a peer support group. Al-Anon/Alateen Service Manual, Page 10.

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      Every group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions. Experience, we will adhere to the principles contained in the Twelve A. Experiencing the miracles of growth and recovery through service. For our group purpose there is but one authority – a loving God as He may express Himself in our group conscience. Guidance in determining what an ample reserve would be for an Area, district, or group.

      Beginners Meetings are sometimes separate meetings but are oftentimes held as an extension to a regular AL-ANON meeting. Beginners' Meetings are an important part of our Al-Anon Family Groups. Below are generally-available Area 61 working documents, presentations and published World Service Office (WSO) forms. Check individual listings, some meetings invite preteens. Conference Approved Literature on the topic of the Slogans. Connection is poor, simply hang up and dial in again.

      Al-Anon and Al-Ateen meetings are facilitated by members, rather than a professional.

      Always, we affirm the autonomy of each group and the need for each individual to follow her/his own conscience. Answers your questions regarding Institutions meetings. Anything that makes us think about our addictions– and helps us to better understand and cope with the addictions—is helpful. Area Literature Coordinators are a vital link in Al-Anon service, carrying the message of recovery and unity through Al-Anon Conference Approved Literature (CAL).

      Members introduce newcomers to the Al-Anon program as well as inform them about the disease of alcoholism. Members introduce newcomers to the Al-Anon program as well as inform them about the disease of alcoholism. Most Al-Anon and Alateen groups have a discussion topic at their meetings such as acceptance, overcoming fear, change, one of Al-Anon’s slogans (e. Most step meetings cover all of the steps on a rolling basis, others concentrate on one specific step.

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      Meetings where the discussion focuses on issues found in the lives of gay & lesbian people and their friends who have been affected by someone else's drinking. Meetings where the room used for the meeting is accessible to the physically handicapped. Members are asked to contribute what they can afford, so that the group can pay rent, provide literature, and offer support to local and worldwide service centers.

      Our thinking becomes distorted by trying to force solutions and we become irritable and un reasonable without knowing it. Outreach tool for gays and lesbians shares that hope and help are available in Al-Anon. Outreach tool for people of color can help them identify a need for the Al-Anon program. Paying by using Pay Pal is still available on that same screen.

      The area group records coordinator serves as the nuts and bolts of the communication connection between the Al-Anon and Alateen member, the group, district, information service, area, the entire service structure, and the World Service Office (WSO). The disease affects all those who have a relationship with a problem drinker. The family situation is bound to improve as we apply the Al-Anon ideas. The fellowships of Al-Anon and A.

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      The group representative (GR) is a vital link in the continuing functioning, growth and unity of world Al-Anon. The people around you tonight are experiencing in varying degrees the hurt, the anger, the anxiety that you are experiencing. The welcome we give you may not show the warmth we have in our hearts for you. There are as many possibilities for topics and types of meetings as there are groups and individual members. There is a new feature so that you can now pay by using your credit card.

      1. About the Al-Anon pamphlet-tradition 4 states each group should be autonomous.
      2. Adults, please attend other AL-ANON meetings, usually nearby.
      3. Al-Anon Family Groups acknowledge the potential and value of the Internet and other electronic communications media for communicating information about Al-Anon and offering hope and comfort to the families and friends of alcoholics.
      4. Al-Anon Twelfth Step work should remain forever non-professional, but our service centers may employ special workers.
      5. They give the newcomers an opportunity to discuss their feelings with long-time members, which is something they cannot always do at meetings with preplanned programs. They recommend group attitudes toward leadership, membership, money, property, public relations, and anonymity. This showed me the extent of my S. Through the sale of Al-Anon/ Al-Ateen literature and voluntary contributions from members, Al-Anon groups, and service arms. To sign in or create a new account.

        My experience is that use of outside literature that is 12 Step literature from other 12 Step fellowships is very helpful for recovery in SLAA. Names of members who read, share and make announcements. No matter what our specific experience has been we share a common bond: we feel our lives have been affected by someone else’s drinking. Our Twelve Steps ask us to find a “Power greater than ourselves” who can help us solve our problems and find serenity.

        The Al-Anon Family Groups have delegated complete administrative and operational authority to their Conference and its service arms. The Al-Anon Family Groups have no opinion on outside issues; hence our name ought never be drawn into public controversy. The CSTCC is a group of volunteers, some of whom were ABM delegates, and others who volunteered out of interest. The Contribution Table Tent should not be displayed at local group meetings unless a group conscience decision supports its use.

        How much is this going to cost? How will Al-Anon help me? How will attending Al-Anon or Al-Ateen groups help my patients, clients, consumers, or students? However, an AL-ANON meeting may choose to be an "OPEN MEETING" by the consent of its participants.

        Al-Anon approach for the family illness.Al-Anon is self-supporting through its own voluntary contributions.Al-Anon is self-supporting through it’s own voluntary contributions.

        Rent a copy of "Lois' Story" (AV-1) or "Lois W. So much depends on our own attitudes, and as we learn to place our problem in it’s true perspective, we find it loses it’s power to dominate our thoughts and our lives. Sometimes beginners also attend Open Meetings to obtain public information. Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we understood Him, praying only for knowledge of His will for us and the power to carry that out.

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