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USFHP members can call the USFHP NurseLine telephone number to speak. To reach Nurse Chat connect to Live Nurse Chat online dialogue about your. If you are wondering whether or not you're pregnant, your mind is probably racing with questions. It's common to feel confused, scared or overwhelmed. Nurse Chat Icon When you have a non-emergency question about your health, or when you need medical assistance and can't reach your.

This is a waste of space, time and effort! This is the big Cheater application, don't buy it anyone. To ask unlimited questions you need to buy our premium account. Very basic asked 1 free question and got a very simple answer i wish had more detail but what can you expect if you are not going to pay.

  • If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices.
  • People with the negative comments can go to the doctors and wait a few hours to have them answered!.
  • And you can't ask a follow up question.
  • I got a response in under 3 hours I think.
  • If we could actually talk with a doctor once I'd be willing to pay for more service but not with short vague answers.
  1. And with the limited space I attempted my question and the answer I get back totally didn't cover anything I mentioned in my question!
  2. Anyways, I asked a question for my baby for safe dose of a certain type of medication and I got a quick reply.
  3. Apologies but we do have character limitation for the free queries.
  4. App was great to start with I paid the subscription the lot.

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    I used plain English and gave all the info I could that was pertinent to the question. I will look into this issue and get back to you at the earliest. I will look into this issue and get back to you.

    They wouldn't even inform me of the potential effects of the drugs I was mixing. This app is CRAP Horrible app. This app is okay I pulled my back out and he told me to get an MRI but their answers are really short I would like to know more but I don't have the money to pay for it.

    Free question has limitation. Googling my question gave me more to go on. HOWEVER I DEFINITELY think that you would make more $ in the long run + have more happy customers if questions were priced better. Having that confirmation with detail was very important for me. HealthcareMagic is the world leader in connecting users and doctors across the world. Hope it answers your query. Hope it answers your query.

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    In a premium query you can also ask free follow up questions. In case of any issue kindly drop an email to customercare@healthcaremagic. Instant answers from Doctors, 24x7.

    I actually don't understand this. I asked a question about my ankles and a dentist gave me a quick short answer telling me to use painkillers. I asked if sunburn blisters on my face will scar, and if he could give me some advice, and he said "Hi, if chlorine content in water used in swimming pool, tanning of skin will occur it will gradually subside. I asked some questions from different specialist, they blocked me. I asked the reason, they said i asked more questions.

    My face is blistered and burnt red! Not Good I paid for this and received a very poor service. Not that great I used this app and asked a free question, which works fine.

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    We will take an appropriate action. We will take appropriate action on the concerned. We would love to help you out in this issue. What more could I want. With only 160 characters how can I do that?

    Now asked when will unblock my account. Oh well I guess ill never know. Oh, the answers I received were professional, concise and timely. People don't know what you guys are talking about.! Personally I think this app is fantastic, I needed specialist cardiologist advice as no NHS doctor would even listen to my concerns and I was able to get an answer immediately to a query that I knew was of something that needed investigation. Please don't waste your time in this app considering it as free.

    We do have options to upload reports in other forward. We have charged your account with 2 extra FREE questions so that you get more opinions. We have more than 15000 doctors on board and it covers all the specialities. We have over 18000 highly qualified doctors worldwide. We now bring the same world class service to all our online users through “Ask a Doctor” app. We provide first 2 answers for free and after that the user has to pay a premium to get the medical queries answered.

    Instead of this I prefer to go to a doctor and get a proper consultation. It is accepting lab reports only in image format which is time consuming, they should work on providing the option to upload reports in Pdf format. It is accepting lab reports only in image format which is time consuming, they should work on providing the option to upload reports in Pdf format. It is almost impossible to ask a proper question within 160 characters.

    1. (BUT) After google searches failed, I asked a medication related question at like 3am, got an answer in an hour, & THANK GOODNESS I asked bc the answer really helped save me!
    2. Alright you get two free question but with the amount of characters they give to type your question its impossible to get a precise question out!
    3. Also the subscription fee is too high for someone like me.
    4. And how is a dentist even supposed to know anything about that.
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      There is no restriction for the paid customers. There might be some issue, please share your registered healthcaremagic mail id. They took my money and then took back the service, saying "you have used this service more than an average user" and I only spoke with 1 doctor.

      The technical team realy need to work on improving the effecincy of application. The two free questions that we give you allow you to sample our service so that you clearly understand what you would get when you pay. The vague answers the doctors give unless you upgrade is just a ploy it seems like to have people pay to upgrade. There is a word limitation for free mobile app query but you can always ask a premium question by paying a nominal charge.

      Kindly, read the contents carefully on the mobile screen and select "Ask for free" in your mobile app while posting the query. Kindly, select "Ask for Free" while posting your first 2 queries. Kinldy, select "free" on the homepage of the mobile app. Lot's of technical glitches This is the first time I've been so dissatisfied with an app that I've felt the need to write a review.

      So many things wrong Okay 1 they try to get you to pay if you want to put a picture,they also make you pay if you don't want to like are you kidding me if I want to pay I would go to the doctor and pay what 5 dollars more. So yeah I don't/won't recommend this app to ANYONE! Sorry for inconvenience caused! Sorry for the inconvenience caused! Thanks for your Feedback. Thanks for your feedback! Thanks for your feedback!

      Would def use him and this app again. Would have been great if we can use the feature that paid users have but with just two queries because if you want us to subscribe, you should let us experience what a subscriber could get so that we'll be more interested to pay for your app. Yes you can ask 2 free questions. You also get FREE health tips from our doctors every now and then! You can't attach a picture or ask a follow up question. You can't upload more then 2 images for Dr review.

      The initial 2 free queries has a word limit of 160 characters each. The only frustration is the limit to words. The option is on the mid top right.

      Very sorry for the inconvenience. Very useful when you're a man! We also provide 2 free follow ups in case you have made a payment after utilize your free questions.

      Cannot attach files and reply The 3 free questions doesn't allow me to attach files and reply to the doctor at all.Com from your registered ID so that we can look into it and resolve at the earliest.Com so that we can look into it and take appropriate action at the earliest possible.

      I didn't need a new your psychologist, I needed just a simple question answered about what otc medicine I can take while on a blood thinners. I do not understand the subscription system. I had a pinched nerve in my neck that was causing my shoulder and arm to hurt. I had trouble to use my subscription but the Healthcare magic team helped me out although I lost a day or two of my month subscription I was never given credit for.

      You need to buy the premium package to upload any report. You will get an answer for the question you asked but definitely you won't get a solution to your problem. Your answer arrives in minutes thanks to our 15,000+ strong doctor network spread across geographies and time zones.

      It is good when you really need it and not just superstitious. It took my information and gave me a response FOR FREE. It took my information and gave me a response FOR FREE. Kindly let us know in case you have issues/ need clarifications in using our services. Kindly let us know your registered mail ID and the issue by dropping an email to customercare@healthcaremagic.

      I attached 3 photos but they never sent so I had to waste a follow up question sending them again. I did get an answer about 3 minutes after posting, however very vague and not that helpful. I didn't even swim in chlorine swimming pool.

      That's the best reply you can make? The answers I got were fabulous but before I had to pay next month's subscription I asked questions which 3 of those questions were ignored for 3 days or more so I cancelled my subscription. The cost is cheaper than insurance copay per question, and only slightly more to ask question plus 3 more follow up questions! The features are simple, ask a question, upload supporting documents, read your answer and follow-up questions.

      Application hang at most of the time.At the end, my problem isn't solved because the doctor need me to upload photo and I can't upload and reply.By purchasing this item, you are transacting with Google Payments and agreeing to the Google Payments and.

      Didn't answer my question at all I asked a specific medical question and the response was a doctor advertising his personal business. Didn't take up large amounts of space, I was able to download though I'm almost out of storage. Do not rely on this as a cure all they cannot see or treat you through the phone. Doctors are experienced and the response are quick and apt, one can rely on it. Doctors are experienced and the response are quick and apt, one can rely on it.

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      Horrible If I could give this app zero stars I would. How can you be a doctor and "not understand" a simple question? However last two questions are still unanswered one from two days ago and one now 14 hours ago. However, we have expert doctors in over 50 speciality and after going through your question they found out that it was the right medication for you. However, we provide 2 free questions to each user.

      I have seen 100s of doctors and no one can tell me what my problem is. I have used the free advice twice now and both times have been answered promptly. I needed to go to the ER, but I didn't know if I was over-reacting. I only needed this for a one time question and I think it served it's purpose. I pay for the service, wouldn't want it if it was free, I wouldn't trust it.

      Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property.

      I will look into this matter and will make sure that you will never face such kind of issues again. I wonder if these people are actually real doctors or people on the other side of the world trying to make a quick buck.! I'm just really disapointed with the help I recieved. If so do these practitioners know of Canadian medical laws? If the administrator replies below to my comments DONT believe what they say!

      Does this work in Canada? EDIT: Oh, I must be retarded then, because I selected "ask for free" then hit the "ask" button, at which time I was directed to a page to bill my Google wallet. Even if you search Google you might get a better solution than this. Excellent service Really helpful to have an informed opinion on an important issue. Feedback This is one of the best applications, I have come acrossed. For a free opinion from a doctor I don't think it's bad at all.

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      Please let us know the issue or inconvenience you faced by writing to customercare@healthcaremagic. Please let us know your registered HealthcareMagic mail id. Please provide your registered Healthcaremagic mail id.

      If the query is posted through the mobile app then we provide the first 2 answers for free and after that you need to pay a premium to ask any medical related query. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. If you want to charge your service at least gives the people a great example of your service if your offering it for free, that way people might not be so hesitant to pay for your app.

      Confused So it lets me type in my question and add my picture files.

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