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So then, back to Goolge Voice - do I need to have 'forward calls to a Phone # or Google Chat' boxes checked? Can both remain unchecked if I. When I use the google voice page to call a number (using google talk as phone to call with) it does ring in gmail (google talk) and I get the. When you have Google Chat open (such as in Gmail) it will "ring" your Google Chat when someone calls your GVoice number. By forwarding your Google Voice number to Google Chat, you can receive regular phone calls on your computer.

Return to the Gmail tab after you finish installing the plug-in, and then refresh the page. Say, when your mom calls, you want to make sure you get the call. Scenario - Remote office with single telephone line is using conditional call forwarding to forward busy/unanswered calls to main office when they are on the phone or unavailable. Search the Play Store or iTunes for Google Voice. Select "Ask every time I make a call," and you'll be prompted to choose on a per-call basis.

Wait for message confirming all call waiting has been disabled. Wait for registration message. Wait for registration message. Wait for registration message. Wait for registration message. We would experience significant savings compared to existing AT&T rates, even after paying for minutes used at the location and minutes for forwarded calls. We would like to move the office to a Ting "Home Phone Connect 2" device.

Sprint allows free *28 conditional forwarding to google voicemail which compensates for the lack of sprint VVM. Tap the Calls tab. Telephones are nothing new. Texting is much more straightforward than calling.

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Also, Google Voice still does not support MMS.Andrew: So, is *28 suppose to work on Ting or not?As a solution, Google created a second app that acts as a plug-in for Hangouts, called.

Don't select "Receive Text Messages on this phone" or "Notify me of new voicemails via text" for forwarding phones that you plan on using with the Google Voice app; otherwise you'll get every text twice —- once in your normal SMS app and once in Google Voice. Even better still, no longer do you have to give all these people different numbers to achieve these goals. Even calls to your mobile number, not your Google Voice number, will be transcribed and appear in your email and Google Voice app.

But, for those of you that don't want to use Google Voice (or can't), you still have a few options.

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Affiliate Disclosure: By buying the products we recommend, you help keep the lights on at MakeUseOf.After you download the app, make sure to open it at least once to connect it to the original Hangouts app.After you have added a phone or two, it’s time to take advantage of Google Voice’s phone call forwarding.

This number will ring when someone calls your new Google Voice number. Title image remixed from. To get started, you’ll need a Google Voice account. To receive calls in Gmail, however, you must first forward your Google Voice number to Google Chat. To update these settings, click the edit icon at the top of the Minutes section of your device's settings. Voice settings on the Web. Wait for message confirming all call forwarding has been disabled.

The crux of this whole system is Google Voice, which acts as the perfect bridge between your phone and your computer. The drag and drop designer (visio-like) can be used to configure PBX in just 15 mins. The service also offers visual voicemail and automatic transcription, and lets you send free texts from your smartphone or Web browser.

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This feature allows forwarding of multiple simultaneous calls if the forwarding destination can accept the calls. This feature is sometimes available for any type of forwarding (unconditional forwarding, forward on busy, forward on no answer) and sometimes only available for unconditional call forwarding. This is done for security reasons and may seem like a hassle, but such precautions keep people from redirecting calls to other people’s phones without permission.

It's a very cool work around till they get number porting. It's a very cool work around till they get number porting. It's just the *28 code (and free time during the forward) that doesn't work. It's popular with the Google Voice crowd. Kelly, forwarded calls are just like regular calls and you would be billed for the minutes used for each device. Know of any other cool ways how to set up call forwarding in Google Voice?

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You can send texts to multiple people, like you can with most SMS clients, but Google Voice doesn't do well with group texts if one or more of the participants has an iPhone. You could do that, but it's a little bit backward. You do not need this app to receive video calls via Hangouts.

The way to use it is to dial *28 then the 10-digit number, then press send or dial, as opposed to dialling *28 then pressing send then the 10-digit phone number. Then hit “ Edit” next to “ Ring Default phones. Then just type the name of the group. There are a ton of VOIP providers out there that let you make phone calls from your computer, but. There are no extra charges to use call forwarding, but you will be billed per minute for any calls that are connected via call forwarding.

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Hitting “ Manage Groups” should take you to your contacts list. How about your bummy friend that always wants to borrow your car, especially when you’re out on a date? How many simultaneous calls can be forwarded at once (2, 3, 10, etc)? How would you set it up the way you normally would for forwarding on Ting?

You have to keep a bunch of numbers committed to memory and give an acquaintance the appropriate number. You should have the base groups that you see. You should see the following. You should then see the following screen. You won't be able to port your number or make international calls, unfortunately, and you only have a set number of minutes for the free service, but most people should be just fine with it. You'll be glad you did.

You can either answer the call or send it to voice mail. You can make calls right from your browser, and any time someone calls your number, both your cellphone and Skype will ring, so you can pick it up on your computer and talk to them with your mic. You can now make Google Voice calls from Gmail. You can send text messages with a full keyboard, make hands-free calls without swapping devices, and you never have to worry about reception.

Click "Call Phone" in the Google Chat contact list and make a single phone call to activate the Google Chat voice service. Click the Billing tab to see your billing history or add calling credits for international calls. Click the Groups and Circles tab to customize ringtones, call screening, and even forwarding phones based on which contacts, groups or Google Plus circles are calling you. Click the gear icon on the Google Voice toolbar and select "Settings.

I urge anyone having trouble setting call forwarding up from the handset itself to log into their Ting account and toggle call forwarding on and off from the Dashboard. I was born in Brooklyn, New York. If calls are missed, they WILL NOT go to voicemail. If that is not enabled the other features will not work even if they are enabled. If they are a co-worker, probably your work number, a friend, your mobile, and so on.

  1. "Can use call forwarding" must be enabled in order for the other two settings to work.
  2. "Questions on applications or application features that are no longer available are off-topic for Web Applications as no one will ever be able to make use of the answers again.
  3. (It's literally a phone ring sound.
  4. Adding home, mobile, and work numbers for Google phone forwarding is a very straight forward and easy process.
  5. Additionally, you can now set the Hangouts Dialer app as your default dialer, which will display your Google Voice number on Caller ID.
  6. You can add or edit your forwarding phones. You can also download the Google Voice app for Android or iOS, though jailbroken iOS users can also use to get Google Voice support in the default Messages app. You can always port your mobile number to Google Voice later if you decide to do that. You can connect your Google Voice account to Gmail, enabling you to make phone calls through your Google Voice number using a headset connected to your computer.

    Last but not least, you can make international calls for much less money than your cell provider charges. Lastly, you may want to grab yourself an external microphone for your computer. Let us know about them in the comments. Mac users should instead get, which is a fantastic menu bar app that gives you both Growl notifications and quick access to your inbox. Missed calls WILL NOT go to voicemail. Navigate to the Google Voice page (link in Resources).

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    He holds a Bachelor of Arts in journalism from Texas A&M; University. Here are some tips for Android that will help you get the most out of your. Here you can change which headset will ring based on which group the caller is in. Here you'll see a list of all the phone numbers you've set up to work with Google Voice. His professional career includes stints as a computer tech, information editor and income tax preparer. Hit the link to add a phone and follow the steps.

    On its own, Google Voice is great, but combined with a few other services, extensions, and apps, it can be phenomenal, letting you use your computer for all the same telephony that you already use your phone for. On the Gnex, the visual voice mail app doesn't work; it doesn't link with carrier voicemail like it would on a standard Sprint or Ting phone.

    When you enable this type of call forwarding you are essentially circumventing your voicemail. While Google’s phone and tablet operating system is powerful and flexible, it’s easy to flounder in its ocean of options and features. While the conversation takes place with B, the line is still active for device A (if it wasn't the call would drop).

    If you're outside of the US or don't want to switch to Google Voice, you have a few alternatives (which we'll mention as we go through the process), but they won't be quite as seamless. In the first tab, uncheck the box next to your mobile carrier number. Is the service you mention from AT&T mobile, or landline? Is this the problem you are referring to, and if so, what can I do to fix this? It looks like that does not actually work with Ting. It works well, but not perfectly.

    Com - Are you a little at sea on how to use your new Android device? Com/voice in your Web browser. Configuration takes only a few moments because Gmail automatically recognizes USB and analog headsets. DeskSMS allows you to send text messages right from your favorite IM client, saving you from using that tiny keyboard when you're sitting at your desk.

    We would like to see you signup and review PBX Plus. Web Applications Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for power users of web applications. Well, have your mom in a group that rings all your phones. What most people do is give out their GV number, and then use call routing rules to forward calls to their cellphone #. When you enable 'no answer' forwarding, incoming calls will ring on your line a few times before rolling over to the forwarding number.

    Google Voice is a great service, but changing your phone number can seem like pulling teeth. Google Voice works well as a forwarding service for landline and dumb phones, but it really shines when you use it with a smartphone. Google Voicemail has been working since then; however, if someone calls my Ting number, it takes 12 whole rings to be forwarded to Google voicemail. Google will then call that number to confirm you have access to it. Got any other tips for making the process smoother?

    Alan Sembera began writing for local newspapers in Texas and Louisiana.

    Now that you have your groups set up, you can set which of your phones get rung up when someone in each group calls. Of course, if you have a non-smartphone. Oh, it does cost some a month to have this special call forwarding, but it was about the same as our old voice mail. On both operating systems, you'll then see your Google Voice inbox where you'll see voicemails, texts and missed call notifications.

    FYI, I asume that I am, just kind of wondering if the answer might be "No. First you'll need to enable call forwarding in the Device settings on your account. For the feature to work, you must have Gmail open in one of your browser tabs. From the Ting "Dashboard", click on "settings" under the devices tab.

    I asked her to add it to this thread, so other people do not waste their time on this. I called your support and the lady speculated that the *28 code is available only for Sprint customers. I don't want the act of checking voice mail to count against my ting minutes. I keep getting a recorded message that says "the number of code you have dialed is incorrect.

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    Disclaimer: You are leaving a Gizmodo Media Group, LLC website and going to a third party site, which is subject to its own privacy policy and terms of use. Does Ting phone service include "Mutli-Path Call Forwarding" (aka "Multiple Call Forwarding" or "Call Forwarding Multipath")?

    Select "Forward calls to Google Chat" to make and receive calls using your Google Voice number from within Hangouts in your Gmail window. Sembera now writes full time about business and technology. Send and receive text messages. Series Description: Google has a wide variety of powerful tools that make it much more than just a simple search engine. Some prepaid plans do not allow you to use Google voicemail. Sorry for the confusion.

    With a simple setup, you can seamlessly use either your phone or computer to place or answer calls and send or receive texts, so as long as you're home, you never have to pick your phone up to answer a call or text. Wizard configures the PBX based on the answers to each question about your business. Wouldn’t a single number that you can give to everyone and filter the calls to each phone be great? Yes, conditional call forwarding on Busy and No Answer is available.

    Note that you can still set up conditional forwarding from the dashboard in order to get voicemail working. Note that your Ting account will still be charged for every minute of the calls that are forwarded to another number. Now it's time to download the app on your smartphone. Now that Google has finally rolled Voice into the existing Hangouts app, there are a few settings you may want to adjust for a better calling and texting experience.

    • In Android, if you choose "Use Google Voice to make all calls," all calls you make from your Android phone will use your Google Voice number rather than the number your carrier provides.
    • Get tips on Google with help from an experienced computer professional in this free video series.
    • Click "Download the Voice Plugin" in the dial pad window, and then follow the prompts to install Google's voice and video chat plug-in.
    • Maybe you have a mobile phone, home phone, and a work phone.
    • On iOS, you’ll follow the steps to add your cellphone’s number to your Google Voice account.

    If you want to use the stock dialer app on your device but have your Google Voice number appear on caller ID, keep the original and select the use Google Voice to make all calls in the settings. If you're just on one call though, and you ignore the second call, it will go to voicemail as normal rather than forwarding.

    Your number would greet your callers with “Thanks for calling… Please say the name of the person or department you are trying to reach. Your phone can do a lot of things, but in many ways your computer is actually better at being a phone than your little touch-friendly, pocketable device.

    By default, the Hangouts app will play the same alert for instant messages, Google Voice SMS, and carrier SMS (if you are using it as your default SMS app). By forwarding your Google Voice number to Google Chat, you can receive regular phone calls on your computer. Caller can just say your name “…“and call will be forwarded to your mobile, landline or Skype account. Check that box, and make sure you're signed into Chat in Gmail.

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    Once you have a Google Voice number, you can send and receive texts for free, use Google's voicemail transcription, and make cheap international calls. Once you have an account, log in with your username and password, to choose a number. Once you've enabled this feature set your call forwarding number on your phone using the following dialing codes. Oren, how are you dialling the *28 code?

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