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To connect to an online meeting, enter the meeting ID provided by the meeting organizer. To join this meeting: Open Google Chrome; Visit www. Com; Enter Meeting ID: Please join this meeting from Google Chrome on your computer. Waiting for the organizer. If you are the organizer, please start the meeting from a PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows mobile device.

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Is it possible to register a user before start of the meeting? Is it possible to send invitation mail to people to join a meeting using api? Join or host a meeting on any Android phone or tablet. Join our beta program for early access to features like Android screen sharing!

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If you want a more generic solution look for an SMTP library for your platform. If you want to send a normal email to participants. If you want to send the appoinment item, either you need to use EWS (Exchange webservices API) or you need to generate an ". If you're in a Windows/Exchange environment then look at using the Exchange Web Services. Is it possible to register a user before start of meeting?

Sending mails from program depends on "which language you are developing" like C#/JAVA? Sign up for a free 30-day trial at www. Sign up for our newsletter and get our top new questions delivered to your inbox. The gotomeeting application itself having the options for invite a participant and adding a co-orrganizer. Use the GoToMeeting app to join, host or schedule a session from your Android device for easy online meetings when you're on the go.

Worked great for being able to join a call at the last minute while on the road. You can create the join link for any particular meeting by concatenating the www. You can find it using the api function call. You don’t need a GoToMeeting account to attend a GoToMeeting session, but you do if you plan to host one. You should be looking to use one of the wide variety of different email APIs around. You'll never miss another meeting — unless you want to.

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  1. Attendees for GTMs don't register at any point, only hosts need to have a registered account.
  2. Because it is the best way to still in contact with the company or having a contact with customers.
  3. Below is the C# code for getting the attendees of a past meeting.
  4. Com/apps/testing/com.Com/join/ with meetingID which is look like www.Com/join/25456364 (number is sample meeting id).

    Very good user experience. View presentations, mockups and reports — whatever is shown on screen. Want the latest features before anyone else?

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    Everything just worked, including zooming in screen sharing, and the interface was intuitive.

    Even when you join a meeting as an attendee the details (name + email) you put in can be anything.

    GTM isn't going to send the email for you it, as it doesn't have access to any email account. Get alerts when a meeting is about to start. Hand-off presentation control to anyone else in the meeting. How can we find how many user has attended the meeting?

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    Meet where you want with the power of GoToMeeting on your mobile device. Million programmers, just like you, helping each other. NOTE: API is used within the context of gotomeeting application, physically you cannot attend a meeting in any application except GotoMeeting desktop application and GotoMeeting webapplication (which is offered in their website). Prefer phone over VoIP? See all your upcoming meetings and join with a single tap. Send the above details as a mail.

    Just tap on the below link to see how. List attendees = new System. Maybe a a quick screen lock in order to use phone on ear without pressing screen buttons with cheek.

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    4. Chat with individual attendees or everyone in the meeting.
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      • You can also dial in with one tap.
      • How can we find how many user has attended the meeting?
      • Attend GoToMeeting sessions wherever you are.
      • What are you trying to achieve by "pre-registration"?
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      Did you find this question interesting?Download the free app to join or start a meeting in seconds.

      I can't answer your last question about finding out how many users attended the meeting, I would guess probably not but I'm not really familiar with the API. I have an account of gotomeeting and using api to create/start/getMeeting etc but I have not found any api to send mail and invite people to attend a meeting. Ics" file from application with your meeting details filled in. If not then is there any other solution to send meeting invitation mail?

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