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Chat online with active listeners for relationship advice. Here on 7 Cups we have a free 24/7 relationship support chat room. Find someone to talk to for online therapy & free counseling.

Are there points in your marriage that must be changed?

I end up chatting with "Special-Reward" about Life Stuff—our jobs, the site, the few "creeps" she's encountered there—for about 45 minutes. I guess it's back to the couch for me. I have been using this app for a long time now and have not met one person who has helped at all. I hope u guys make the required changes and come with a better app as soon as possible. I need help with depression and anxiety, and 7 cups of tea is a great thing for people with problems.

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New technologies, like those provided through 7 Cups, allow us to offer affordable, convenient, flexible, accessible counseling to fit your individual needs. Nope, I'm not proud of that—it's vaguely embarrassing, this commitment I've made to worship at the altar of my most deep-seated issues. Online therapy is mental health counseling provided via the Internet.

Try a new listener each time, or pick one listener and develop a deeper ongoing relationship. Unfortunately there will always be a small minority of people with nothing better to do than try to spoil your enjoyment of our chat rooms. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. We offer lots of advice on how to deal with chat abuse and advice on our page.

Well to be honest i have found this site a great help i do most of my talking through PM and a couple of members have given me terrific support. What about Video Chat Therapy? When you find the listener you want, connect instantly via chat. Whether we struggle with disappointing exam results, the loss of a job, a relationship break-up, depression, anxiety or any other mental health challenge, we all struggle with our mental health at times, and we all need support.

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This site does not have any professional medical associations. This time, I bemoan how frustrating it can feel being 37 and single. Thnx for making this app. To add to the conversation, type a message into the text input box located below the main chat window, and hit the Enter or Return key on your keyboard.

They aren’t getting paid; they’re here because they want to help. They make me feel worse but then I think phew im nowhere near bad enough for this group and away I go feeling a bit happier. They make me feel worse but then I think phew im nowhere near bad enough for this group and away I go feeling a bit happier.

It made my anxiety and isolation far worse and my "listener" actually brought me to tears. It should be available again shortly. It was very buggy and kept crashing, i can't vouch for if it actually works, but I have severe depression and anxiety and the fact that the app keot freezing and didn't work right made me very frustrated when i was already upset. It's like Facebook had a baby with a virtual shrink's office!

Chatib is a free chat room website where you can have live chat with single women and men, you can discuss with random strangers from USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and people from all over the world, at the same time in multiple chatrooms and discussion groups, any time you can start a private conversation to meet girls and boys living nearby in your area. Conflict or anger itself does not have to cause an irreparable rift between partners.

Pay features include more focused aid, or, for an admittedly much higher price, Instant Message access to professional therapists,which some might find a lot better than in person work. People often dont stay too long. Perhaps after utilizing the and/or, branch out to the aspect of HealthfulChat to stay connected with those you've befriended through the and.

Theres more info if you want. Theres more info if you want. They are the low point. They are the low point.

Hokemeyer suggested, my Talktala experience feels like Self-Reflection Lite—it's not in-depth enough to provide any real insight. I deleted it cause I just didn't seem to like it, but I would recommend it. I don't like wasting my time logging in every time, especially when I didn't sign out. I don't want to listen to a lot of other gloomy buggers talking about their problems.

If anything, you must realize that you still have control over yourself. If you are the site owner, please open a ticket here asap for us to look at it for you:. If you communicate with people you don't know, be aware that they may be dishonest. If you find yourself going there and feeling worse because of the replies you get from the admin/possibly some long term users (not to mention the replies you dont get because many good members have left) its not just you.

Perhaps the most daunting thing for new chatters is the huge variety of coded letters which appear in a chat room! Private chat can be antisocial; you will find far more enjoyment in the public chat rooms where you can share your time and discussions amongst many different users. Registration is free and easy! See below for support that is available to you.

Lack sensitivity in dealing with issues despite saying they will listen on their profile as part of offering help. Listeners provide support across 189 countries and in 140 languages. Lnstead of feeling lonely, l feel angry! Love this app so much! Make emotional wellness a daily habit by following your growth path. My name’s Eddy Altmann and I’m a 19-year-old from North London.

  • "There is just too much room for harm," he notes.
  • (((name))) the brackets are 'hugs', the name in the middle is who they are for!
  • Again I start realizing I might wait forever.
  • Allows anonymity, and can be accessed privately, without others knowing that you are receiving therapy.

The good news is that here in the UK there is there is always someone to turn to. The health related can also be used to write a personal blog. The is moderated so there is always someone that can be notified if needed. There is no judging they are there to help any problem. There's a humongous thread on Advice from not too long ago that I started - and it was a huge help for me getting supportive words from people that had BEEN through it rather than those who are going through it.

I really love this app and have better feeling after talk about my problems to someone in this app. I return a few days later, and finally I have a successful chat session with a member named "Special-Reward. I think its a very good way to find friends and people who really want to help. I tried the chat rooms, but there's info popping up every two seconds. I wasn't expecting much more, honestly, so I continue my exchange, explaining more details about my mental-health history.

As a helpline volunteer I answer calls from young people, but I also answer webchats and emails.Because, as the site explains, "sharing and connecting with other strangers who are going through a struggles just like you [sic] provides great consolation to anyone in need of healing or a friend.Before jumping in, I must confront a slightly scary disclaimer: "Venting to a stranger can be incredibly dangerous if you are at a very mentally sensitive state.

Coping strategies/self-help information and to provide options for support. Download 7 Cups and start feeling better today! Easy to use text chat.

Can chat with your therapist anytime--when you truly need it--and, as often as you’d like. Chat with supportive people in group support rooms who have overcome similar challenges.

Whether you want support with life, love, relationship problems, stress, depression help, or you just need to vent about your problems, we have an active listener or therapist waiting for you to vent to via anonymous chat. Which he tries to wave around. You can come out of this better. You can only upload a photo (png, jpg, jpeg) or a video (3gp, 3gpp, mp4, mov, avi, mpg, mpeg, rm). You feel like you always have someone to talk to. You might find some info there.

YoungMinds run a free, confidential parents helpline, which dads and other parents / carers can call if they are worried about how a child or young person is feeling or behaving.

  • You can only upload photos smaller than 5 MB.
  • Obviously your expieriemce was different as could the OPs be but i have found nothing but support on this site.
  • I would stay away and just find a nice small forum or group that has a healthy mix of all different types of people.

I work full time and I am single so there are very few pressures on me outside of work. I write back that I have no "reasons" to doubt myself—instead I've got an exciting smorgasbord of your average everyday depressive tendencies and low self-esteem, yippee! I write, "I constantly compare myself to other women—not just women I know, but friends of friends, famous people, etc. I've only used it once but it has been very helpful so far.

Engage in guided discussions or lighthearted banter. Finding and scheduling a therapist can be time-consuming and expensive, and you can’t always open up to friends, family, or coworkers. For other feedback, contact info@7cups. He does a lot of wal(es)ing. Hear from some of the staff that work on the helpline services. Here, my task is to make the room a fun, light-hearted place where people can relax and kick back.

CALM offer an accredited confidential, anonymous and free support, information and signposting to men anywhere in the UK through our helpline.

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Sometimes the app glitches out of chat and you have to close and reopen the app but it's really nice to talk to real people and they give pretty good advice. Still, as our back-and-forth winds down, I feel totally underwhelmed. Studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of online therapy. The National helpline is open 7 days a week, 5pm to midnight. The app is free to download, and all listeners are 100% free. The chat rooms aren't helpful either.

This app really needs an overhaul. This app really needs an overhaul. This disrupts the rooms by pushing other peoples' messages off the screen quicker and making the chat harder to read.

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If you need to get something out, but can't talk to your friends/family & don't want to see a therapist 7 cups is do you. In its entirety, HealthfulChat is pleased to offer you forty different, all of which are listed in the menu above. It does pretty much precisely what is advertised, providing free access to listening support, a positive community, and a very nice personal growth path core. It does sound like you are struggling with your own self-value.

  1. And for some reason it is not configured properly.
  2. And their 'therapy' is often bringing you down with them.
  3. And their 'therapy' is often bringing you down with them.
  4. Best Anonymous Therapy This app is very helpful.By entering the chat, you understand that BlahTherapy is not liable for any advice given.
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